Making The Earth A Little Greener

The new normal has brought in many changes into our lives. The better stories were that the Earth healed itself, water bodies and air was less polluted, and humans got more time with family. The sad part of the story is that we have surrounded ourselves with more of electronic gadgets and appliances. Why? We have spent the past few months homebound; whether it is work or leisure, the four walls have been our individual small world and the electronic gadgets and appliances our playground/theatre where we watched &/or cooked our stories.

We are striving hard to make our world a better place and refurbishing plays an important role in dumping our world a little less with electronic waste. But many of us are still scared to give our electronic gadgets to the refurbishment companies due to data security concerns. Data is the new oil, and it is as real as our existence. Hence our fear is legitimate. Despite the several exchange offers provided by e-Commerce companies, many of us tend to keep our hands under the cover. But if you still care about the earth, you need to find such refurbishment companies that understand the important of data security and trust.

In our current edition of siliconindia Magazine, we bring to you the story of few such companies in our `10 Most Promising Refurbishment Companies ­ 2020'. The featured companies not just refurbish individual electronic gadgets but also of the corporate houses. They ensure your data is safely handed over to you or completely destroyed in your presence. If you are also in lookout of one such refurbishing partner, read our featured companies to know more and chose wisely.

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