Fractional CMO: Helps to Accelerate your Marketing Operations

Srikanth Vadrevu, Manager ­ Marketing OperationsThe marketing world is dynamic and ever-changing moving at the speed of light. It has been established that it is one of the reasons why business requires staying up to date with new developments in the industry. After all, the last thing one wants is for his/her business to fall be-hind in the cut-throat competitive market. Becoming a HubSpot Partner Agency in April 2017, Fractional CMO offers a holistic approach to marketing. The company provides full-stack marketing automation services with a customer-first approach. Fractional CMO aims to build long-term, trusting relation-ships with customers and constantly strives to improve results.

Based out of Seattle with operations in Hyderabad, the company serves for SaaS, real estate, and manufacturing companies' marketing needs.

"We are among the first few agencies to start HubSpot services in In-dia. We started our company in January 2017 and became HubSpot Silver Partners in a mere 8 months. I and my team have experience of global campaign management and that's why we not only aim at the Indian market but we offer Hubspot services in the US and Dubai too. Secondly, we have a key focus on two particular industries, i.e. technology and real-estate", illustrates Shreyansh Surana, Principal Consultant & Co-Founder, Fractional CMO.
As Fractional CMO focuses on two particular in-dustries, the pro-cess provided to these industries for their marketing solutions is broadly divided into 5 parts or services- In-bound Marketing, Marketing Automation, Digital Advertising, Marketing Operations and Account Based Marketing. These services help companies to build a solid foundation to in-crease brand awareness, generate new leads and grow revenue. It also helps organizations to orchestrate their marketing campaigns and execute them at scale with minimal resources and cost. From creating brand aware-ness to generating high-quality leads, Fractional CMO puts clients' marketing activities on auto-pilot mode to help them achieve their marketing goals effortlessly at every stage of the customer journey.

Fractional CMO aims to build long-term, trusting relationships with customers and constantly strives to improve results

Besides, the company provides ABM (Account Based Marketing), a strategic approach to marketing based on the readiness of customer needs and requirements. "Most of the agencies offer end-to-end solutions but there are few agencies like us who are purely into marketing automation. Our expertise or key services revolve around marketing automation and paid media. We also provide marketing operations, and digital marketing services which include Google ads, Native advertising solutions", added Srikanth Vadrevu, Manager ­ Marketing Operations, Fractional CMO.

With these services, Fraction-al CMO helped many businesses to serve their audience. Aviso, a California based AI Startup Company, has an AI-based sales prediction engine. Aviso had an issue launching multiple campaigns. Aviso partnered with Fractional CMO to ramp up the campaigns and to lower the campaign production cost. Fractional CMO's rich pedigree in SaaS marketing was put to use as the team was able to translate strategies into high-performing campaigns. This helped the client by reducing cost, increasing the website traffic from 5k to 30k and multiplying qualified leads.

Furthermore, soon, Fractional CMO wishes to become a leader in marketing automation services. "We want to be sole marketing automation focused company", Shreyansh concluded.