Zebi: Introducing Blockchain Technology in Data Protection Regulations

  Sudheer Kuppam ,     CEO & Co-Founder

Sudheer Kuppam, CEO & Co-Founder

By allowing digital information to be distributed and not controlled by a single central authority, blockchain technology created the backbone of a new type of internet. The development of blockchain technology in recent years is impressive. From the retail sector to the field of Healthcare and Medicine, blockchain technology has made its way into various industry verticals. Headquartered in Hyderabad, India, Zebi specializes in providing blockchain based solutions to governments & enterprises to leverage and protect their highly valuable and sensitive data, while also addressing the issues of privacy, reducing systemic risk, managing multiparty trust and ensuring robust audit, at a low cost. Zebi is one of the few enterprise-grade product companies offering the best of the expertise of Silicon Valley at Indian prices.

“Zebi’s products have global utility. We are among the few blockchain companies with working products in commercial deployment generating revenues. During the forecasted period, we would like to
capture as much market as we can with our innovative solutions and strive to surpass USD 100M revenue in 3-5 years”, says Sudheer Kuppam, the CEO & Co-Founder of Zebi.

Blockchain-driven Holistic Solutions and Products
Founded in 2015, Zebi has built a globally innovative big data platform with unique blockchain and encryption technologies for tamper proof and hacker-proof systems with an audit trail. Zebi’s blockchain driven products aim to solve big data problems, making sensitive and highly valuable data readily available for legitimate use, while also protecting it from cyber criminals. These blockchain products provide security vanguard, data immutability and are difficult to breach.

"Zebi is one of the few enterprise-grade product companies offering the best of the expertise of Silicon Valley at Indian prices"

More so, Zebi’s solutions ecosystem also consists of interconnected proprietary components to bring individuals, data providers, and data requestors on a common platform to enable a secure, seamless and consent-based exchange of information among them. The company has commercially deployed blockchain products for various industries such as real estate, hospitality, education, logistics, telecom, and BFSI. The various products provided by Zebi are Zebi Asset Chain for Real Estate (Land Registry), Zebi AI Chain for Hospitality and Zebi Edu Chain for Universities.
•Zebi Asset Chain for Real Estate makes land registries immutable and accessible on blockchain and facilitates transactions while avoiding disputes. It has been commercially deployed for APCRDA (Amaravati, AP, India).

•Zebi AI Chain for Hospitality is used in more than 1000 hotels and for Andhra Pradesh Police Department, creating a secure and efficient visitor management system for hotel guests and effective tracking system for police departments.

•Zebi Edu Chain for Universities makes it easy for everyone to access the educational records and eliminates frauds while increasing efficiency at over 35 government and private universities in India securing 1.4M student records.

Zebi uses distributed ledger technologies in an efficient way to leverage the benefits. This has earned Zebi the Skoch Award for most innovative solutions and the Deep Tech Startup Award by STARTAPFEST, 2018.

After implementing such flagship products and solutions, Zebi, later this year, is planning to launch its own public blockchain solution which is being engineered to be a thousand times faster, more efficient and capable of doing a greater number of transactions per second as compared to present Bitcoin. Zebi Coin (ZCO)is the native token on the blockchain facilitating data protection and data access. The company is also looking forward to tapping into more industries like Supply Chain, and Health Care, etc.