WTA Studios: Perfectly Blending Client and User Needs with Right Digital Solutions

Manish Surapaneni,CEO and Head of Design

Manish Surapaneni

CEO and Head of Design

In today’s modern era, the Success of a digital roduct or service depends upon its online appearance and how a brand interacts with its customers. If your digital platform can captivate users by interacting with them both succinctly and powerfully, your visitors are more likely to return to your platform and may be even convert as buyers. Clearly, an engaging and compelling UX/UI design is the gateway to successful business and Hyderabad based WTA Studios Private Limited is helping companies entice their digital products with innovative design solutions accepted globally.

A specialist in the design and development space, WTA Studios focuses on human-centric and fully optimised UX/UI products. Manish Surapaneni, CEO and Head of Design, WTA Studios says, “Ours is a UI/UX Design& Dev Studio dedicated to creating significant applications through impactful user experience for startups and MNCs. We believe in building solutions that will expose the product's full potential to its consumers, and provide an experience concurrent with the evolving design scenario across the world.”
As a new age studio with young and enthusiastic individuals steering the ship, WTA is keen on being innovative at every step and tirelessly trying to give mainstream spotlight to futuristic technologies like Magic Leap, AR Kit and more on Augmented and Virtual Reality platforms.

In the highly evolving field of AR/VR, team WTA is a great competent to conceive smart, intuitive Web and Mobile applications. The firm is transforming clients’ideas into release-ready products while using its ingenious solutions, their unique design process, fastidious attention and precision-driven MEAN stack development framework that in dubitably delivers relevant and user-centric technology. “Through our signature 5Dprocess we use adaptive planning, focus on user needs, client insights, and market research to inculcate them into design and development. MEAN stack, PHP, HTML, CSS, Prestashop, Magento are some of the technologies currently used at WTA.“By bringing the client and user to centre-stage, we hope to establish lasting relationships through problem-solving, attention to detail, and simplified User Experience,”explains Manish. The firm follows Agile methodology and provides the right features for the right audience along with support and maintenance. Other than full-scale projects, WTA also specialises in review services for already existing products at any stage of the development.

WTA Studios’intimate group of handpicked creative design geeks strive to inspire each other to maintain a positive work culture that in turn leads the company to
innovate and solve real world problems through design. Manish adds, “We are always on a lookout for fresh graduates who are equally enthusiastic and skilful. At WTA Studios, we always prioritise understanding and learning through knowledge transfers over lots of internal discussions, brain storming sessions and cross-functional methods.”

Till date, the company has delivered 107 projects across various Domains ranging from Automobile industry, FnB, Education, Travel etc, to Virtual reality/ Augmented reality experiments, Product customization tools, Q&A Platforms and more. WTA focuses on creating future-proof,responsive and interactive Designs while constantly adapting new tools like XD,Protopie, Flinto, Invision, Sketch etc, Invision Studio to evolve with the global community and improve their products at every opportunity.

Some of the leading names they have worked with include P&G, PWC, Greenko, Delta T, Amararaja, Zaggle,Perspect AI, Hitwicket, Conduira Online, Stylmart and many more.

Concluding the discussion, Manish says, “We have been maintaining three folds growth over the past few years and with our ongoing experiments in AR,VR and MR, we hope to step into the next generation of design and technology and grow with the market. Our portfolio and an upgraded website are underway. We hope to collaborate with innovative companies and hire more people this year.”