Wemo: Promising Enhanced Customer Experiences with Engaging User Interfaces

Barkha Sharma,CEOWhat makes a com different from others, or how a firm can stand ahead of its competitors is a tricky question to which a lot of enterprises are coming up with a number of fixes. One such distinguishing element is the UI/UX of the product or the website of a company. User experience is not a new concept in today’s business world. Tracking down the user experience as a customer interacts with an organization has long been a part of business’ attempt to improve them-selves. However, with the advent of digital media, the means of connecting with customers have evolved. Today,a company’s website is its face to the customers and a good UI/UX can play a major role in establishing just perfectly. Barkha Sharma, CEO of Bash, was smart as a whip to recognize the budding potentials of UI/UX designs in building profitable customer engagements in a business. Her knack for the unknown and her love for technology pushed Barkha towards acquiring, a creative development agency working on machine learning, AI bots, mobileapps, websites, and UX strategy.

Established in 2010 and acquired by Bash in 2018, Wemo is celebrated for offering customized solutions to its clients to ensure that their brand communicates better with its audiences

Established in 2010 and acquired by Bash in 2018, provides customized solutions to its clients to ensure that their brand communicates better with its audiences. “The fundamental elements of running a business are changing. Companies need to stay ahead in today’s competition driven market, and to be that they cannot afford to have a poor website that is down even for a second as it would directly affect their proceeds. Hence, we at Wemo were determined to help our customers bridge the gap with their customer. Our motive was very simple to be the link between managers and their tech teams. We noticed that there was a gap between the expectations and deliverables majorly due to the lack of communication. We believed that tech enabled campaigns were the need of the hour. Keeping up with the digital era of innovation, we at Wemo have channeled our services through various technology based platforms such as Android,iOS, Windows and Web. We are focused on developing tech enabled designs. We do not work on graphic designs or FB banners or instagram stories. We design and develop websites
and apps, and we are very focused towards meeting our final objectives,” says Barkha Sharma, CEO, Wemo.

Headquartered in Gurugram, is highly acknowledged for walking the talk with its customers. When most of the organizations aimed at making money and selling services to their customers, Wemo stayed focused on building relationships on trust and integrity. With its client-entric approach and skilled team of professionals, the company has been successful in recording an exponential growth since the inception of the firm. “We believe in -Keep learning and Keep adopting. Every 3rd Saturday of each month, an alternate employee has to present a new idea to everyone. This has been a catalyst to many great ideas and has led to major developments. We do not reply on technology completely. A certain percentage of our work has always been experimental. We love playing around with technology and driving in new concepts. It is this investment into new technologies and ideas that make us feel we are well prepared to meet the industrial changes,” shares Barkha.

With its current clientele including names like W for Woman, Godrej, Tata Sons,Break through India, Accountability Initiative, Videocon, Choko La, Fashion at Big Bazaar, I Say Organic and the DDB Mundra Group,in the years to come aims to focus more on designing AI powered interfaces so as to provide the best value for money to its customers.