VRKing: Specialized in Lending Superior Virtual Reality Equipments with Cost-Effective Packages

Jagadeesh, Dillibabu & Shivaram,Founder
Jagadeesh, Dillibabu& Shivaram
Technologies are redefining every facet of human life, especially Virtual Reality. With the advent of Virtual Reality, people can get into a new world from wherever they are and do something which is not actually possible in real life. Simulating a physical presence in the real and imaginary world, today, this highly potential technology has entered new realms. Realizing the gamut of opportunities in terms of attracting customers, increasing productivity, and getting better understanding of company data, VR solutions are widely adopted by various businesses right from marketing to healthcare. With the rapid expansion of the market, the need for costeffective, yet first class VR devices is soaring up among customers. Cashing on this market opportunity, Chennai based company, VRKing has developed a unique platform for lending VR cameras and other high end VR devices at affordable rates and eliminates the unnecessary buying costs.

Established in 2016,VRKing is the brain child of a group of photographers who are specialized
"A pioneer in introducing VR sets for rent, VRKing provides a wide range of products including Oculus Rift, Sony PS VR, HTC VIVE, GoPro Omni, VR ready PCs, Laptops and LEDs and Samsung Gear 360 to events, exhibitions, gaming and corporate industries"

in shooting 360 degree photos and videos. A pioneer in introducing VR sets for rent,VRKing provides a wide range of products including Oculus Rift, Sony PS VR,HTC VIVE, GoPro Omni, VR ready PCs,Laptops and LEDs and Samsung Gear360 to events, exhibitions, gaming and corporate industries. Jagadeesh S, Director/Co-founder, VRKing, explains, “At VRKing, we have a good number of VR headsets with motion sensors with latest high end console. We make customers feel the product rather than seeing it, which gives confident for our clients to take it to customers. At the moment, VRKing is one among the few who have these high end devices in India. We also have a team to develop and execute custom content across India. Our options are very much cost-effective when compared to other Chinese products in the market. We have also helped a few of our customers to set-up a VR gaming parlours in different PAN India locations.”

Started with the focus on gaming industry, today, this ingenious firm is leading a way ahead over its competitors in the fields such as entertainment, corporate events, medical expos, product launch /dealers meets, job trainings,
marketing and education. Jagadeesh says,“We initially started having the gaming industry in mind but within some months we had realized the potential of this immersive technology and stepped into a mighty ocean which is beyond gaming. We lend high end VR devices for medical companies and doctors to virtually introduce new product used for surgery. Our products are widely used by clients from manufacturing sector in India and abroad to showcase their products to customers, one of our clients who are into tractor manufacturing uses VR as they can’t have their products in a hotel ball room. Apart from this, we serve companies VR devices to train their staffs using virtual environment, which would reduce a lot of travel expenses, efforts and resource wastage. We are one among very few to have high end VR console and Mixed Reality.”

Emerged as a first of its kind VR Rental Company, VRKing Franchise is growing rapidly.“Even though we had to face technological glitches, our experience made us overcome them brilliantly. Hosting PAN India events on same day in 10-15 locations was a tough task initially, which has become common now. However, over a period of time, we had strengthened our selves on the inventory part and product customization part. Very soon we wil introduce wireless VR and contents on Mixed Reality. We are also looking forward to open VR gaming parlour franchises and other operations across India, ”Jagadeesh concluded.