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  • 20 Most Promising Virtual Reality Solution Providers – 2018

    Started from the invention of television sets, the presence of digital screens in human life is extending day-by-day. Washing machines, computers and now smartphones, our lives are constantly surrounded by screens. The increasing use of gadgets has made screens an essential ingredient in our life. As a result, it has changed how we communicate, work, travel, purchase and more. In the course of introducing more compelling experience with screens for users, technology giants are leveraging in manifold novel technologies to stay ahead in the market. Considered as a promising technology in this field, virtual reality is creating a sensory experience for the user including sight, touch, hearing, smell, or even taste. In a recent Augmented and Virtual Reality Trends Survey conducted by...

20 Most Promising Virtual Reality Solution Providers – 2018

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Kreayotoo Solutions Kreayotoo Solutions Sumanth Krishnan, Director & COO The fastest consulting engineering company with a wide range of services
Advity Infomedia Advity Infomedia Anand Ram Nagaraj, Founder Works on ground breaking technology research on Virtual reality platform to make information more interactive and help businesses tomove a step ahead.
Augmentastic Augmentastic Arun G Vaswani, Founder & Director Offers an amalgamation of innovative design and interactive technology to create successful business environment.
BuMo3DR BuMo3DR Sridharan Thyagarajan, President & Founder BuMo3DR is a company that has established a track record of providing cutting edge immersive solutions for customers who are market leaders in their sectors globally.
FirebirdVR FirebirdVR Akshay Rathod, Co-Founder and CEO, Dayanand Kamble, Co-Founder, Head of Product and Strategy Transforming the way consumers interact with the world.
Fusion VR Fusion VR Dr. C.S S Bharathy, Founder & Chief Operating Officer Fusion VR is an offspring of Global Institute for Stereovision andResearch (GISR) which has vast experience of over a decade in the fields of Stereoscopic Imaging, 3D Animation, Holography, Mocap Systems and Simulation Games.
GreyKernel GreyKernel Abhishek Gupta, CEO Making state-of-the-art VR platforms and highly engaging gamified content, helping businesses/SMBs' bring WoW to their customers.
Immersive Gaze Immersive Gaze Mahesh Balakrishnan, EVP Focuses on bringing together the best of technologies to offer advanced solutions to support brands, interact with customers with more relevant, targeted content.
Liminal Liminal Manish Bhanushali, Director Technology Guides in choosing the right technology and platform, based on intensive research into marketing needs.
Loop Reality Loop Reality Jignesh Talasila, CEO Building immersive solutions integrating advanced technologies like VR/ AR, AI/ML, and IoT.
Meraki Meraki Arvind Ghorwal, Co-Founder One of India's first and finest Virtual Reality studios creating Cinematic and Interactive VR Experiences using a unique approach to the art of storytelling.
QuarkExp QuarkExp Aditya Joshi, CEO India’s leading analytics driven Virtual Reality company providing engineering driven virtual reality experiences.
Revlity VR Revlity VR Nadeem Mohammed, CEO Revlity is a cutting-edge VR platform to create and share interactive 3D VR experience through the web.
SMARTVIZX SMARTVIZX Gautam Tewari, Founder & CEO Whether it's seeing your brand new home for the first time or pioneering a construction project that will change the future, Smartvizx makes virtual interactive environments that look real and visualizations that transport you to another world.
SpaceShift SpaceShift Sunny Dutta, Founder Spaceshift is a cutting edge VR Agency, offering best in class Virtual Reality solutions to niche industry clients.
Tacnik Tacnik Mayank Banka, Business Head, Skandha Gopalan, Marketing Head, Purnank Prakash, Product Head & Jeevan Choudhary, Operations head Tacnik is a technology and innovation driven company focused on creating sophisticated and cost-effective immersive solutions.
The Transcend The Transcend Ashan Preet, CTO Focuses on next level of interaction and storytelling with highly immersive VR content and applications.
Vimito Vimito Raj Hesi, Founder & CEO, Piyush Shinde, Director- Strategy & Client Relations Vimito is a global creative venture focused on creating innovative Content integrated with the latest technologies, concepts, experiences and approaches.
VR Films & Studios VR Films & Studios Manish Dutt, MD Brings out the best Dubbing and Film Distribution solutions for the movie and television industry.
VR King VR King Jagadeesh, Dillibabu & Shivaram, Founder VRKing is India's first Virtual Reality equipment hire specialists and pioneer in introducing VR hire sets at affordable rates.
XR Technica XR Technica Venkatesh Alagarsamy & Karthik Bavanandan Senthil Sarguru, Co-Founders XR Technica is a products and solutions company operating in the domains of frontier technologies such as AR, VR, IoT and AI.