Vimito: Creating Innovative Experiences Integrated With Latest Technologies, Concepts and Approaches for the Target Audience

Raj Hesi, Founder & CEO,Piyush Shinde, Director- Strategy & Client Relations
Raj Hesi,Founder& CEO
Piyush Shinde, Director- Strategy & Client Relations

The dynamics of the industry are changing rapidly. With the changing scenario,it is the need of the hour for organizationsto modify their strategies as per the changing landscape. “Many times clients want to see how success looks even before marketing campaign is planned. They are more inclined towards the overall impact and the RoI. Due to nature of marketing now a days, which is mostly impact based,the core purpose of the marketing which lies in its ‘purposeful messaging’ is lost. Hence, most of the marketing campaigns fail to fetch the desired output. This is where we step in.Our skilled team of professionals, which is a blend of 40+ creative artists and technologists,get involved in the project right from its Inception. Our in-house capabilities of integrated production serve the entire creative spectrum. We collaborate with our clients across industries and markets by getting down to the brass tacks to craft amazing experiences for leading businesses and brands by involving ourselves right from strategy, research, planning and execution which actually aligns
to their core marketing and communication needs.”says RajHesi, Founder and CEO, Vimito.

"Vimito has constantly focused on assisting companies navigate the impact of contemporary technologies in the field of visual and experimental marketing and its overall impact on the customer experience"

Since its inception in 2012,Vimito has constantly focused on assisting companies navigate the impact of contemporary technologies in the field of visual and experimental marketing and its overall impact on the customer experience. Renowned for its customized offerings,the company has always come up with most innovative offerings, for lead-generation across various industry verticals."At Vimito, we’ve helped companies understand new markets, new technologies like mixed reality, and new approaches to help them win and grow the business. We truly believe in value addition, the real impact and strategic advancements. With ingenious campaigns and tailored developments in the field of AR and VR, Vimito gets down to the brass tacks which are at the crossroads of creativity and innovation. We strategically engage with many of the world’s leading companies, founders,C-level executives, marketing heads,and technologists to make sense of the dynamic shift in the marketing ecosystem we are all experiencing as well as on how the contemporary and technology driven marketing will be re-imagined, reconfigured, and
restructured in the years to come, ”mentions Piyush Shinde, Director- Strategy and Client relations.

Keeping customer central to its core values and strategies, Vimito, over past six years, has gathered an opulent experience of more than 1200+ projects which comprise of tailored visual content and astounding Virtual & Augmented Reality experiences. “While we continue to develop visual content, we would also want to emphasize on our in-house technologists who are experts in latest technologies required to create immersive experiences like augmented, Virtual and mixed reality. Furthermore, as we serve everyone right from startup toa Fortune 500 organization, data security is our highest priority and we strictly abide to the security compliance's,”shares Raj.

With a right blend of in-house team, today, Vimito has successfully become a creative partner for over 150 clients across the globe. The attitude and ability of the team to evolve and adapt to different methods and ideas of communications has helped Vimito to work with clients from different verticals such as IT, Automotive, Industrial Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, BFSI, Retail and many more. Registering a growth of 60 percent, YOY since inception, in the years to come Vimito is planning to be a Technology-driven premium marketing organization in the country where every cent spent by the client should materialize into a strategic business.