Verasys Technologies: Carving a Niche in the DSC Space with Dedication and Accuracy

Prashant Lad,    CEO & Director

Prashant Lad

CEO & Director

The world is rapidly evolving in the digital age and paper documentation is slowly losing its prior importance as it is getting stored digitally now. While digitization is highly useful and efficient, the question on authenticity of documents posed a challenge and that is how the role of Digital Signatures came into play. The Information Technology Act(2000) enables the use of DSCs on documents submitted in electronic format in order to ensure the security and authenticity of the documents filed electronically. Created with a mathematical scheme and bearing the authenticity of a fingerprint, digital signatures are difficult to be duplicated.

Nestled in this space is Verasys Technologies, which stands among one of the most recognized companies for providing digitalsignature certificates and related services. They issue digital signatures based on Aadhaar e-KYC making the entire process of obtaining a DSC quick, seamless and paperless. A DSC can be issued with in minutes which is a huge step away from the traditional way of making a paper application and providing certified documents. According to Prashant Lad CEO & Director, " Relationship, Trust and Innovation are the backbones of our business. It actually means doing things differently for the better, overruling conventional approaches using tools and innovative reliable technology. This is what we at VSIGN religiously and consistently practice. With technology

professionals matching productivity levels of global standards through innovative practices, offering quality services at competitive costs, VSIGN has proved its potential in offering DSCs, e-Sign PKI services and enterprise solutions”.

Vigorous Leadership in the DSC Space
Selected as one of the 10 Most Promising eSign Service Providers - 2022, Verasys Technologies in just five years, have grown in leaps and bounds and have successfully executed State and Central Government contracts. They have moved way past 2.5 million DSC issuances, and are confident of their comprehensive capabilities that allow customers and partners to use their services with flexibility across a variety of e-Sign and DSC platforms. As a core mantra, Verasys Technologies constantly hones their skills and scales their competence in order to deliver topnotch, quality services. Currently they are capable of issuing seven Cr. Esign and one Cr. Digital Certificates annually. Their services include DSC, Esign, PKI Solutions, Document Signers, PDF Signer and Encryption/ Decryption Solutions.

As a core mantra, Verasys Technologies constantly hones their skills and scales their competence in order to deliver top-notch, quality services

As the second largest DSC and eSign provider in India, they are integrated with UIDAI for issuance of DSC with more than 30000 DSC-FC partners across India. Verasys Technologies is powered by a dedicated and well-versed team which has a trained team of professionals who understand the PKI Electronic signature domain to assist and provide solutions to customers. Following the company's vision, the team is committed to excel and offer exemplary service and assistance to customers continually. They also conduct regular internal training and key employees also attend seminars and webinars to keep track of industry trends and other key industry information.

The Road Ahead
Verasys Technologies also has an impressive clientele that includes AXIS Bank, Bank Of Baroda, Union Bank Of India, Adani Group, BPCL, ICICI Bank, Government of Andhra Pradesh, Goa Government to name a few.

The future roadmap for the company is promising: they are looking at similar opportunities in other overseas markets while also increasing their footprint in the Indian market by adding partners in their network using innovative ideas and schemes.