• The Next Level of Signatory Authentication
  • 10 Most Promising eSign Service Providers - 2022

    A signature generally refers to one's identity, attributing the signee's intention to acceptance of the information contained in a particular document. Well, comprehending the digitalization of processes across industries today, eSignature is one significant way to fasten this signing process by providing online instant access to doing it in less time. Though this concept of eSign was introduced long back in 2000 in India, through the Information Technology Act, but it has evolved pragmatically over the past few, signifying its implications across business remotely. Also, it is this exclusivity of eSignature that its usage in electronic contracts is on the rise in India, backed by the government's Digital India initiative which focuses on enhancing digital infrastructure...

10 Most Promising eSign Service Providers - 2022

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Ace Technology Ace Technology Vinod Agrawal, Director Offers digital signature certificates, invoice signing, e-KYC mobile servicing & SSL certificates
E Gov Service E Gov Service Anghrija Basu Bhattacharya, Founder Believes that direct sales helps to ensure better customer satisfaction and uses direct selling and personal customer contact as a business strategy
IDL Technosys IDL Technosys Ashish Kumar Singh, Founder Has global Presence in IT and consulting Sector which delivers technology-enabled business solutions for Global companies
Ishika Technologies Ishika Technologies Manoj Jain, CEO Provides high quality services at reasonable & affordable prices that meet client's requirements and exceed their expectations
Netcreativemind Netcreativemind Manoj kumar Garg, CEO Provides the services such as e-Governance solutions, Software
Renard Services Renard Services Sandeep Khandelwal, Founder Accessibility, Staffing Solutions, Outsourcing Development, and OEMs Partner Products in India & abroad
Sify Technologies Sify Technologies Raju Vegesna, Chairman Besides digital signature services, they also deals in Trademark, Copyright, ISO Certifications, and Various type of Professional Services
SignDesk SignDesk Ashok Kadsur, Co-Founder An Indian information & communication technology company which provides end-to-end ICT solutions including telecom services, data center services, cloud & managed services, transformation integration services & application integration services
Truecopy Credentials Truecopy Credentials Sonia Soman, CEO Document workflow platform that helps entreprises digitise their paper based documentation process
Verasys Technologies Verasys Technologies Prashant Lad, CEO & Director Builds a digital signature platform of choice for organizations to issue & exchange authenticated documents in a secure way globally Offering quality services at competitive costs, and proved its potential in offering DSCs, e-Sign PKI services & enterprise solutions