Vehant Technologies: Leveraging Technology to Create a Safer & Secure Tomorrow

Kapil Bardeja,CEOAnalyzing business data has the power to evolve companies into unicorns. In terms of understanding market uncertainties and opportunities, the role of Video/Image data and analytics is far and wide. Therefore, it is imperative for every business to start leveraging data to drive success. However, the volume of data that businesses generate is becoming unwieldy. To the rescue, there are new technologies which are developed to handle this data, but the time and cost to derive meaningful insights are still far-fetched.

Noida-based Vehant's new vertical `Enterprise Analytics' is well-equipped to leverage the Video /Image digital gold (data) and extract meaningful business insights.

While converting both structured and unstructured data into valuable insights, Enterprise Analytics discovers patterns hidden in your business and identifies root causes to help you take data-driven actions. The solution automates the process flow at ease so that rich insights can be delivered to the right people at right time in a repeated and consistent manner. "An enterprise data strategy is an organization's comprehensive, long-term plan for implementing enterprise data analytics at every level of business," remarks Kapil Bardeja, CEO, Vehant Technologies.

The Evolution
Vehant journey began as part of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi Incubation Program with an idea of building technologies products in academia and
taking them to the industries. Led by Kapil and Anoop G Prabhu, the company pioneered Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning-based Physical Security, Surveillance and Traffic Monitoring & Junction Enforcement Solutions.

While the company has been doing great work in the traffic management/smart & safe city solution, the thump of pandemic and lockdown made the business witness a negative graph. Being agile to change, it pursued opportunities to build solutions for face mask detection and more using AI. In 2020, Vehant launched Enterprise Analytics based on Machine Learning, AI, and Deep Learning Algorithms and a combination of technology. Its GPU-powered Okean platform offers Video analytics surrounding various parameters - providing insights that can be used to understand behavior, incidents, etc, helping improve SoP compliances and overall operations.

"Over the last 16 years, our products have saved life & property across the world. With our extensive experience and dedicated team, we are ready to offer tailored solutions as per needs, and back it up by global service support," says Kapil.

He further adds, "Our enterprise analytics engine is designed to handle massive amounts of Video/Image data in many formats originating from a wide variety of sources and delivers faster time to insights".

The Bright Side
Technological innovation and advancement are the core strength of Vehant, and the highly efficient team of researchers at the company are impelled to offer the best of the best to the clients. At present, Vehant boasts worldwide sales, service, and manufacturing facilities based out of India and the Netherlands that can quickly respond to customer needs and deliver products & solutions anywhere in the world.

The quality products and solutions of Vehant are designed & developed in India; manufactured in India and Europe to meet global standards, features, and quality

The company's focus lies in its long-term research-based approach to solving problems using technology. It is currently operating in the retail, manufacturing, hospitality, logistics industry at a global level and the team is expected to set a foothold in Europe, the Middle East, and the South East Asian market in the near future.

The company also works extensively with network of academic institutions like IITs, IIITs and NITs to ensure cutting edge research happening in academic labs are taken to the field.