VATSA Consultancy Services: Ensuring User- Retention with Intuitive and Interactive Designs

Madhava K Srivatsa, FounderWith more brick-and-mortar businesses going online today, it has never been so critical to offer the seamless and frictionless customer experience that aligns with the requirements of tech savvy customers. To stay ahead in today’s era, it is essential to provide extraordinary experiences to the customers that are interactive, intuitive and above all well tailored to meet the needs of today’s target audience. As a creative agency Specializing in web design and UI/UX strategies, VATSA Consultancy Services(VCS)ims to assist companies in their journey of delivering unique digital experiences that are integrated and comprehensive, enabling both con Established in 2012, VCS is dedtent and conversion opportunities.

Established in 2012 VCS is dedicated in implementing strategic user experience services using principles of Design Thinking. A celebrated name amongst the industry, VATSA Consultancy Services is known for its high quality designers that are trained in design and are generalists while its services are customized for each project,and the delivery model is agile and flexible to meet the customer’s unique requirements. Madhava K Srivatsa, Founder of VATSA Consultancy Services says, “We have worked across various
domains and on various devices.
Our services are centred around UX design for web and mobile applications, UI designs for web and mobile layouts, UX reviews, Logo and Branding services, Hybrid/Cross platform mobile app development, Web application UI development (HTML5/CSS, Java Script - Angular,jQuery, Drupal, Boot-strap, NodeJS and more). We provide proven web copy writing which means attractive and functional texts and website registration in catalogues, as well.” VATSA follow the world W3C standards and all the valid codes are written in HTML5. It employs Open Source Content Management System (CMS)which is intuitive, simple, transparent and fully modifiable according to client‘s particular requests.

VATSA Consultancy Services(VCS) aims to assist companies in their journey of delivering unique digital experiences that are integrated and comprehensive, enabling both content and conversion opportunities

Despite facing several atrocities and difficulties in capital funding and finding the right talent for the firm, today VATSA Consultancy Services has successfully made its mark in the industry by serving more than 300 clients in just a span of 5 years. “I had perceived the idea of VATSA Consultancy Services with just rupees 5000 on hand. How ever, working hard with each passing day, today VCS is a recognized name amongst the industry. We
have completed more than 100 projects in first two years with more than 75 clients based across different verticals and worked on projects like Logo Design, Branding Services, Website Development, and UX for Mobile Applications and many more,” shares Madhava.

Having worked in collaboration with many freelancers/individual contributors, the expertise of the team is clearly reflected through the clientele of the firm which includes names like Lenovo, Dell, IFB, and SanDisk through companies like Bsharp Sales Enablers and SmartCommerce Ltd, Bangalore and many more. The firm’s designers follow a clear and holistic design process to bridge the User deep understanding of users and design Experience gap with a combination of innovation. They strive to convert web and mobile application designing projects into attractive, functional and ‘pixel-perfect’ designs which can match up the pace with the latest trends while demanding minimal overhead from their customers.

Conceived with the mission to build high-quality products and services through design to its customers, VATSA Consultancy Services is endeavouring to add more technological advancements. In years to come, the company is planning to expand its boundaries into design experiences of physical space, wearables, virtual/augmented Reality and Internet of Things(IoT). Apart from UX/UI designs, VATSA Consultancy Services also offers services like Marketing and Communication (Promotion,SEO,Copy writing and Consultation/Analysis) and Branding and Designo various domains and on various devices, VCS is on its way to expand its clientele span in the years to come.