Tech Manos: Helping Clients Hold Prospects with Real-time Market Analysis

As the demand generation industry matures, digital channels are revamping in order to bestow minimized turnaround time. But it has been unfortunate that the lion’s share of business development & demand generation services providers still go for the conventional process of lead generation – building a database, doing cold-calls and then entering into the typical sales & marketing pitch, which cost an ample of time. Such companies intrinsically have no idea about the specific pain-points and prospects of the clients, and in turn fail to roll their wheels in the direction of clients’ discrete needs. On-boarding a flexible & result oriented approach for clients, Tech Manos is a rebel to these antiquated convictions by proffering clients with 360°- Business Development services (ranging from Lead generation to Corporate Market Research, Inside Sales, Channel Partner, Corporate Events Support, Branding, Designing and Database Zone) entirely based on thorough researches and innovations.

Tech Manos over the years has emerged as a leading and quality ensuring business development partner for versatile industry verticals, besides catering with all the new-norms of Digital Marketing services (from SEO to SEM, SMM, Mobile Marketing, Content Writing to Email marketing and ORM). With an excellent track record of customizing services to suit clients’ discrete requirements for the past five years, the terms ‘Commitment’ and ‘Quality’ have been two buzzwords with Tech Manos, for which the company predominantly owes thanks to its high-functioning research team.

Being Tech Manos

There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ in business development generation. Being in pursuit of change from case-to-case, Tech Manos becomes an elixir here through its international & domestic Real-time Market Analysis capabilities. Once the connection with a client is active, the company kick-starts its operations with thoroughly examining their products & services which has to be presented in the market, and then the real-time market analysis comes into play which will scrutinize the market prospects and impacts of the respective products & services.

But what intrinsically helps Tech Manos to stay ahead of the peer group combats is its ability to go another leap forward and perform a competitive analysis for the client, and in turn identify who are their competitors, what are the key strategies they follow and what is
Priya Mehra, AVP Marketing Technology (L),Vishal Joshi, Executive Director (R)

Priya Mehra, AVP Marketing Technology (L)

Vishal Joshi, Executive Director (R)

Being in pursuit of change from case-to-case, Tech Manos becomes an elixir here through its international & domestic Real-time Market Analysis capabilities

the status-quo in the market. Post this thorough research, it connects the dots and carves a tailor-made go-to-market strategy for the client to benefit with the maximum ROI. When demonetization happened in November 2016, this dynamic & real-time market analysis capability acted as a real boon for its clients to stay unaffected with superior calculations about the market. “GST is all set to come in July, and businesses are busy calculating future pricing for their products & services, and our research paradigm will carve a hassle-free path for them,” asserts Vishal Joshi, Executive Director, Tech Manos.

The Customized Services

Within the business development services zone, Tech Manos’ lead generation offerings benefit clients not only with an opportunity to increase their lead status by augmenting it with more than 1,00,000 ready-made names in its database, but also scale up the business development pace by 20 percent compared to any of its competitors. As a Channel Partner, the company scales the benefits further with its hybrid model by not only generating qualified leads, but also closing the leads as soon as possible, thus working from opening the account to closing it.

Leads network is another area of specialization that Tech Manos excels in, under which the company helps clients generate leads network through Corporate Event Support (international & domestic)
services. “As a corporate event support partner, we represent your company and product/services to the delegates of the events your company is participating in, elucidate the value it can bring, and eventually schedule an appointment with delegates through booths at the event,” adds Vishal. Tech Manos’ research team has developed an in-house cross circle of identifying and researching on companies that are existing in the clients target geographies, working on three pronged method – internal team that follows high quality parameters for research work, research on financial premier institutions which provides rating or share financial information about companies, and the real-time market analysis under which the company updates the existing database on real-time. “The way market is limitless, so is our business development offering,” he adds.

A Great Vision

Remaining a bootstrapped organization, Tech Manos has grown at a pace of 35-40 percent year-after-year. The company today looks forward to its bright future through the eyes of 60+ employees who are exposed to all cutting-edge technologies and fed with every recent market updates on a regular basis. Going forward, the company is busy making plans to open branches nationally and globally, in addition to exploring other businesses through different entities from the group. As a company which is highly committed, well equipped, updated and well connected with market, its vision of becoming the most preferred business development & market analysis company for startup, SMEs and MNCs, is in fact highly justifiable.

Key Management:

Vishal Joshi, Executive Director
Years of distinguished experience in possession, Vishal has been an aficionado in Business Development by managing teams for generating 1000's of qualified leads of key decision makers for clients in domestic & International space.

Priya Mehra, AVP Marketing Technology
A young professional with a bachelor degree, and experience in Marketing, MCSE and CCNA, Priya is a master in utilizing the information captured from customer marketing databases for the benefits of clients.

Offices: Delhi & Rajasthan