Tech Antilia: Fusing 3D Printing with Other Technologies to Design Unique Products & Solutions

Umesh Vinod Sharma& Tushar Gupta,DirectorsRegardless of the flash in sales of 3D printers, the 3D printing market is in grave need of portrayal as a service since not many people are aware of its benefits and efficiency. Even among the clan of people edified about 3D printing, most of them still lack awareness on choosing the right service providers in this industry. Endeavouring to enlighten both sets of people on 3D printing & its varied services, Tech Antilia, an Indian Government & ISO certified startup emphasizes more into 3D printing and prototyping for education, automotive, medical, aerospace, wedding, and other sectors. The firm relentlessly spreads the word about lesser time and costs incurred from 3D printing unlike to every single customer.

On the contrary, Government and investors are reluctant to invest in this growing industry doubting the revenue generation from 3D printing because of its nascent nature. Sailing afar from these obstacles, Tech Antilia presently silhouettes as a swiftly growing startup that invests its own hard-earned money and knowledge to never cease the research on 3D printing and its applications.
Relentless Research
“In contrast to our peers, we take a leap of faith in exploring each nuance of 3D printing at a slow and steady pace to present our customers with unparalleled solutions/services instead of being a profit-oriented vendor of 3D machines /materials,” avows Umesh Vinod Sharma, Director, Tech Antilia. “While our software engineers probe on developing new softwares and mechanical engineers on designing machines, we strive to extract the best of 3D printing and fuse it with other technologies to provide better products,” he further adds.

Tech Antilia presently silhouettes as a swiftly growing startup that invests its own hard-earned money and knowledge to never cease the research on 3D printing and its applications

Since one and a half year, Tech Antilia’s team of software & mechanical engineers is working on 3D printed prosthetic hands, limbs and legs engineered with sensors to transform them into lifelike structures. Be it detecting the need to move the hand or fetch a glass of water or walk, the firm ensures to incorporate various other scenarios in order to metamorphose these devices into full-fledged prosthetic hands/limbs/legs. Further the claims that scientists would develop 3D printed organ implants with just a blood cell by 2024 instead of
depending on donors, motivates Tech Antilia to keep moving forward.

Targeting Students
Students being the mainstay of India, Tech Antilia moulds their innovative ideas into working prototypes that can bolster the 3D printing space. The firm provides full 3D tech and robotic laboratories furnished with a fleet of 3D printers and unlimited PLA materials (bio-degradable) along with instructors, teachers and round the clock assistance for students to just think, input their ideas into the system/software and develop physical objects with utmost ease. After two years of study, an entire school curriculum that entails learning A to Z of 3D printing and developing new objects was framed by the firm for students from sixth class onwards.

Delving into full colour 3D printing, Tech Antilia’s team has also developed a full body 3D scanner to capture multiple shots of any person which is later designed appropriately by the designer and printed using a 3D printer. Widely deployed in the entertainment industry for scanning celebrities, this machine can scan and print models from three inches to a fully stretched body.

Aspiring to unveil prosthetics, surgical study models and vital organ implants for medical industry, Tech Antilia also envisions to elaborate its work in education, plunge into 3D metal printing and enrich collaborations with Government to raise funds for escalating production and expanding its team.