Tacnik: An Innovative Firm Catering Cutting-Edge Experiential Solutions to Varied Industry Needs

Mayank Banka, Business Head, Skandha Gopalan, Marketing Head,Purnank Prakash, Product Head & Jeevan Choudhary, Operations head
Mayank Banka, Business Head
Skandha Gopalan, Marketing Head
Purnank Prakash, Product Head
Jeevan Choudhary, Operations head

The journey of Tacnik,an innovative immersive tech company, started with a dream of four college buddies Mayank Banka, Skandha Gopalan, Purnank Prakash and Jeevan Choudhary. Believing in the power of Technology, this quartet of tech enthusiasts set off to solve the traditional problems of education, training and marketing products leveraging an idiosyncratic approach under a gamut of emerging technologies, such as AR,VR, brain wave, RFID and IoT. By maximising the business efficiency and ROI for companies, Tacnik offers competent immersive solutions to engage with customers or end users an advantage that traditional methods fail to deliver.

Tacnik is a new age technology and innovation driven company focused on creating sophisticated and cost effective solutions for Experience Zones, Experiential Marketing, Employee Training, Product Demonstrations and Increasing Operational Efficiency. Best known for substantial skill set in experimenting and blending varied technologies, company’s technology solutions range from, but not limited to,Virtual Reality,
Augmented reality, Mixed Reality, Mind Control Technology, IoT, RFID, Gesture& Touch based Interactions, Simulators, Embedded Systems, 3D& Holographic Projections. Mayank Banka, Business Head, Tacnik indicates, “Amalgamation of powerful technologies is our speciality. We do not confine ourselves to building products specific to a single technology. We love to experiment - creating unique blends of state-of-the-art products that solve the problem of our clients in the most precise manner.”

"Tacnik loves to experiment - creating unique blends of state-of-the-art products that solve the problem of its clients in the most precise manner"

Well positioned in AR/VR market, Tacnik is specialized in building tailor-made solutions with respect to the client requirements. Company’s clients and their products or brands are fine-placed in surreal experiences to create a perfect blend of customer engagement and product interaction. Mayank explains, “While our competitors cater to a single or,at times, a couple of sectors like healthcare or real estate, we do not limit our customer base to a specific industry; further, take pride in creating a range of VR solutions for nearly everyone. ”He continues,“In every project,we identify the minuscule details of client requirement through a one-on-one interaction and personalize the products and services with a laser focused approach. Once the problem is identified, we help our clients understand the technology and its potential with informative presentations, videos, and demonstrations. The next step is conceptualization where decisions on creating cost-effective and
robust solutions are made. This is followed by product development phase, which is carried out by constant client reviews. After the product delivery, we focus on a seamless execution and training for the end users,which covers three aspects of learning – basics of the technology, the final product and its applications and finally, more possibilities within and beyond the industry.”

Since Tacnik's inception in February 2016, the journey has been nothing short of remarkable!Their team’s perseverance and substantial skill set in experimenting and blending varied technologies help them build novel products for clients. Over the past three years, company has built custom solutions for some of the most renowned brands like Facebook, Tech Mahindra, Adobe, DNA Networks,70 EMG, Dr.Reddy’s, Bengaluru International Airport, Mu Sigma, Kidzania and many more across industries. Leading the business with three regional offices in Delhi,Mumbai and Bengaluru, Tacnik envisions becoming a pioneer in experiential technology. Purnank Prakash, Product Head, Tacnik says, “Technologies like HUD, MR, and Holographic Projections are paving the way for a better future and Tacnik aims to use these platforms to bring in more innovative solutions for the industries. In the months to come, the priority would be to further increase the operational capacity that would equip us to cater to a larger number of incoming requests while minimising costs of execution. Meanwhile, we will continue to work relentlessly to expand our technological horizons and build innovative products to serve a wide range of industries within and outside India.”