Suraj Informatics: One-stop Shop for AIDC Solutions

Amit Gupta,Managing Director

Amit Gupta

Managing Director

The popularity of automatic identification and data collection (AIDC) in tracking, identifying, verification and recording business data is attributed to its sustainable standards and the ease of use it offers to the end-users. Implementation of AIDC across industries is expected to grow at a CAGR of 14.4% globally. The rising imports and exports in India are caused by the expansion of the Indian market in terms of consumers and manufacturers, and suppliers. Hence, there is a tremendous need for competent IT networking and software solution providers for business process automation in the Indian market.

Suraj Informatics has emerged as a significant name that fits the bill of top-notch process automation services with its market presence of more than one-and-half decades. Its keen eye on technological upgrades in the industry has played a key role in consistently exceeding the consumers' ever increasing communication and networking requirements.

Amit Gupta, the Managing Director at Suraj Informatics, says, "With Customer Focused Solution approach we were able to bag many projects in this business journey of more than 15 years. Along with AIDC, we have developed strong Networking, Wi-Fi, Security and Surveillance AV Solutions, Data Centre Products, Software and various technologies like RFID, IoT, AI, OCR and machine learning.

This multi disciplinary experience has helped us in establishing us in the domain of Project Consultancy services."

Cost-effective, Customized and Consumer centric
The team at Suraj informatics works in close contact with their consumers and has initially focused on understanding their pain points by analyzing their existing process/system. Suraj informatics is delivered a cost effective automation system to MSME's to facilitate their growth through technological enhancement. Amit adds, "We have got expertise in Various Turnkey integrated AIDC, Process Automation solutions along with Intelligent Surveillance, Wi-Fi, Mobility, using Artificial Intelligence & IoT platforms. All the Automation Solutions are Unique as we study the Process and Various technological Options available for each case. Afterwards, we give the Automation solutions."

Suraj informatics is guided and backed by a core leadership that is immensely experienced with prior works in software companies

The diverse range of Suraj informatics services includes Asset & Inventory management, Supply Chain Automation, Mobility Solutions, Entry/Exit Management, Trafficking & Parking management, Terminal/Port Automation systems (TAS), Optical Character Recognition Solutions(OCR), Warehouse Automation and Management System, Automated Number Plate Recognition, Gate Automation, Weighbridge Automation, PLC Automation, Locationing Solutions, Proximity Warning & Alter Systems, Fuel Management Systems.

Leadership Mantra and Core Values
Suraj delivers through innovative minds working together to turn ideas into reality. Since its inception, it has been delivering high performance standards and believes teamwork and mutual respect for stakeholders are indispensable contributors to its sustained growth. Suraj informatics is guided and backed by a core leadership that is immensely experienced with prior works in software companies. It encourages curiosity and empowerment and is a Champion of diversity in its embrace of individuality, and dedicatedly listens to its stakeholders as they speak. Amit concludes, "Integrity is at the heart of everything we do. We are ethical, honest and upfront because trust is at the foundation of our relationships with our customers, our communities, our stakeholders and with each other. We take responsi bility for our actions as individuals, as team members and as an organization. We work together, support one another and never let the customers or our co-workers down."