TECHNOWAVE ID SYSTEMS: A Pioneer In Auto ID Technology

Nainan M. Kurian,CEOThis era of advancing technology has seen a massive increase in both automatic identification and data collection. In the field of digitalization, AIDC and data validation technologies, which include obtaining, recording, and converting data into a digital file, which are increasingly used for providing additional security, accurate capturing of data, and many other purposes. Barcode RFID are also growing in popularity in the e-commerce industry as a means to streamline operations and reduce costs. In addition, e-commerce is becoming a global phenomenon that gives retailers the ability to automate reordering and keep accounts of their inventory.

Technowave ID Systems, a provider of automated identification and solution in data capture technologies, was established in the United Arab Emirates in 1999 with offices in Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, and India. The company launched its in-house Software Development Department in 2012 at the Cochin SEZ, India. In addition to Retail Security Products, Technowave ID Systems offers a wide selection of Barcode/RFID based Enterprise Mobility applications which addresses all types of business needs, from Fixed Asset Tracking to Jewellery and Apparel Tracking to Stock Count, Linen Tracking from Retail to warehouse and the entire supply chain.

Technologies such as barcodes and RFID have been used by Technowave ID Systems to help streamline organizational processes. Tec wave’s in-house applications are primarily focused on tracking and monitoring
an organization's inventory and assets to provide increased productivity and accuracy through reducing human intervention. The firm has experience in managing companies in a variety of industries that have their own challenges, which were handled professionally by our firm.

Furthermore, Technowave ID Systems has established business relationships with distributors across the globe that allow us to provide competitive prices in the market.

With strong customer references in the aidc industry, they are capable of meeting a variety of needs in manufacturing, supply chain, retail, hospitality, healthcare, and government

"Technowave ID Systems is a team of over 90 highly qualified professionals who have received hands-on training and have over 10 years of experience. With strong customer references in the AIDC industry, they are capable of meeting a variety of needs in Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Retail, Hospitality, Healthcare, and Government. Members of the team discuss their individual experiences on knowledge-sharing groups and create a log. In addition to this, we will further prepare our organization for future challenges as well as educate the newcomers," says Nainan M. Kurian, CEO of Technowave ID Systems.

Technowave ID Systems provides technology platform that provides enhanced customer experience. In-store automation offers realtime operational solutions to daily operational challenges for customers. Technowave ID Systems represents Johnson Controls International for Sensormatic security systems (EAS systems), eSSL & HID Global for biometric time, EAS tags and accessories, and attendance systems and access control. It Also represents world’s leading company like Mobotix, CP Plus HIK Vision ..Etc for CCTV solutions.

"The retail industry is changing significantly due to e-commerce being convenient and trusted online payments gaining ground in popularity. Innovative products and design will bring new customers to the store. A feature of cost-saving helps to offer competitive prices that match what customers can find online; this is done with the help of RFID technology that improves inventory accuracy.” Nainan M. Kurian, CEO of Technowave ID Systems.

Technowave ID Systems sees a great need in the manufacturing industry to address the losses companies experience due to insufficient inventory management. By investing in automation, other global retail chains can improve dramatically and be in the same market share as the Indian retail industry.