Stratnel Technologies: Going Beyond 'Just 3D Printing'

Kris Raghavan,Founder & CMO

Kris Raghavan

Founder & CMO

3D printing will revolutionize manufacturing in the coming years. The visible signs are here already. The global Additive Manufacturing (AM) industry grew by 21 percent in 2018. It expanded by more than $1.25 billion last year, according to the latest Wohlers Report. This industry has been showing high double-digit growth for several years. The forecast remains rosy.

Such fast growth will help early adopters to reap high dividends. However, traditional manufacturers need to adapt their designs to take the most advantage of AM. This means rethinking of product design, production processes and assembly needs. This is where Stratnel Technologies comes in. The founders are industry veterans. The Founder & CEO, K. Padmanabhan, has been in tool design for several decades. He also headed the Indian operations of an American MNC for close to 20 years. He brings in enormous knowledge and insight that benefit his customers. The Co-Founder & CMO, Kris Raghavan, is a marketing expert. He has worked in the Far East for a quarter century and is experienced in go-to-
market strategies.

A Bevy of Services
Customer applications drive Stratnel’s strategies. Its print bureau services help customers to dabble in risk free 3D printing. Customers can try out different materials and gain critical process understanding. Stratnel also offers design suggestions that can make best use of additive manufacturing. This way the customers can make a gradual entry before jumping into the bandwagon. Trying out prototypes and low volume manufacturing gives them confidence.

The promoters of Stratnel firmly believe that their own success is tied in to customer success

When customers finally decide to start on their own, Stratnel offers them industrial grade 3D printers apart from providing training, warranty and support to make the effort as painless as possible.“We offer the whole gamut of services to customers. They can get a taste of additive manufacturing and ease into it without having to take a deep dive first. This helps in risk mitigation,” comments Padmanabhan.

Kris' take on additive manufacturing is that it’s still early days. He says, “Indians customers are very smart. They need to see real monetary benefits before they buy in. But once they do, they go all the way”.
The Print Strategy
The promoters of Stratnel firmly believe that their own success is tied in to customer success. They distribute Stacker 3D industrial grade printers. The Stacker S4 comes with four print nozzles, which means four times speed in printing. This is quite useful for medium volume production. The robust printer is able to churn out high quality prints fast, making it a winning proposition.

Stratnel addresses a few select markets which include aerospace, foundry, engineering and SPMs. Each of these industry verticals has special needs. “Aerospace needs lightweight parts that are strong and rigid. Investment casting requires complex pattern shapes in burnable materials. The electronic industry needs custom ferrules, enclosures, fixtures and jigs. SPM makers require custom structural parts and brackets,” explains Kris.Stratnel’s rich experience helps them to meet their customer requirements and deliver quality products at affordable prices.

Stratnel is set up for Growth
Stratnel has acquired valuable domain knowledge on material characteristics, print quality and optimization. This helps them to provide customers with high quality parts consistently. The next stage will be scaling the business with higher capacity to be able to take on more segments. With new materials coming into the market, Stratnel will also be able to address newer applications. Stratnel is working on making this dream a reality and this will come sooner than later.