Stetig: Changing Perspectives in Salesforce Implementations

Ankur Priyadarshan,Founder & CEO

Ankur Priyadarshan

Founder & CEO

Salesforce is a powerful plat-form with unlimited possibilities. The typical approach to Salesforce projects usually starts when the line of business identifies a gap in its ability to drive business. IT and possibly vendors are engaged to plan out the project and build or implement a tool that will solve the problem. This approach overlooks the most important variable-the business processes. There are a swarm of Salesforce partners ready to treat your organization's discomfort with Salesforce. However, an implementation partner that would seriously sit down and understand a business before proceeding is a rare feat. Based out of Pune, Stetig Consulting is a Salesforce partner that takes a fresh perspective to Salesforce implementations. Rather than looking at the projects as an exercise to execute a certain scope, Stetig Consulting looks at the customer's business processes holistically and designs solutions which not just meet the business objectives of Salesforce implementation but much more beyond that.

Customers play significant role in every business process. To know the customers, their aspirations, and needs are essential for a business to improve their sales. Salesforce provides the right tools to enhance the profile of a customer progressively via the native connectors for social media. Stetig makes full use of these connectors in combination with its proprietary engines built on the
Salesforce platform to enhance the profiles further. More so, it is imperative to build all solutions compatible to the handheld devices; for many teams it is the mobile first approach that ensures maximum adoption and best output. During Stetig's engagements, the team spends a lot of time in understanding the end user of the solutions being built. All of Stetig's solutions are therefore built as per the user profile and their needs. Stetig invests a lot in research and new solution development and there-fore, the firm is much closer to being a product company than a service company. The assets that Stetig has built, serves as accelerators for implementation and ensure that the customers are able to visualize the end state implementation and provide feedback very early in the implementation cycle.

Nishant Garg, Co-founder & COO

"We have always advocated orchestration of processes for adding maximum value to our customers. We have integrated Salesforce with ERP solutions for almost all of our customers. The actual integration approach varies based on the tech landscape of the customer ­ it ranges from point to point REST/SOAP based API integration to integrations via leading middleware tools like Magic, Informatica, SAP PI etc.", explains Ankur Priyadarshan, Founder & CEO.

Stetig is looking forward to broaden its process and industry assets by strategic partnerships and more investments in research

Stetig is looking forward to broaden its process and industry assets by strategic partnerships and more in-vestments in research. While this remains Stetig's future endeavours with regards to vertical expansion, currently Stetig operates out of 3 locations and plans to setup engineering units in another 3 locations in India and 2 locations overseas in the next 12 months.