Statcon Energiaa: Commanding Power Electronics Sector with Novel Innovations

Manoj Pande,Director

Manoj Pande


Despite having recently electrified all the inhabited villages, constant power fluctuations in India have made electronics & electrical devices a risky affair, demanding innovative solution that can render uninterrupted power with longer backups. However, industries maintain diesel generators(DG)and house holds utilize inverters with batteries as backup for unscheduled power cuts, low voltages or variable frequency. But these power back-up resources increase the burden on the consumers in the form of escalated electricity bills due to high peak surge & TOD rates. This scenario has triggered legacy Li-Ion Based energy storage system (ESS) manufacturers like Statcon Energiaa to manifest innovations, in other words a new energy revolution of renewable power projects.

The company’s smart management of renewable solar power,grid supply and battery delivers power for all electrical applications, thus significantly reducing diesel consumption and electricity bill. “A 30 KWp Solar + 76 KWH Battery + 100 KVA inverter installed at our office is quite an example. It minimizes electricity bill and diesel consumption by 50 percent and 90 perecnt respectively with 24×7 uninterrupted AC supply,” affirms
Manoj Pande, Director, Statcon Energiaa.

Statcon Energiaa’s smart management of renewable solar power, grid supply and battery delivers power for all electrical applications, thus significantly reducing diesel consumption and electricity bill

A pioneer in solar energy home applications, Statcon provides customized renewable energy solutions to the industrial (urban office solar solutions), utility and residential sectors (DG sets) along with solar cold storages for the agricultural field. The Power Conditioning Unit blends all the sources; Solar, Grid, Battery to deliver power economically, efficiently and seamlessly. Apart from mitigating the problem of grid instability & failure through installing inverters and DG sets, Energiaa aids in reducing the electricity cost of cold storages (which accounts for 60 percent of its operating cost) through Solar Hybrid+VFD based Solutions (for which it is the Smarter E award Finalists at Inter solar Munich 2018).

Statcon Energiaa crafts its energy storage products/solutions by comprehending the typical site condition of electricity and environment constraints (dust, air-flow & locations) and user’s behavior with respect to its usage & maintenance – an unassailable edge the company has gained across its 25 years of legacy. This prolonged successful tenure gives extra level
of confidence to its clients about continuity of services post installation as well.

Enhancing Customer Experience
The company associates with international brands to deploy world’s latest AFE technology for conversion of power, and pursues its industrial purpose with the aid of switching technology and highly developed digital embedded systems. This ensures outstanding performance backed by improved systematic diagnostics. Committed to quality, all the products offered by the company are tested and certified to national and international standards(ISO, MSME, NSIC and SMERA), wherein storage-based products are IEC certified so as to meet the grid code of the country. To further boost customer experience, it proffers five years on-site warranty through its sales network spread across the country and even maintains installation of the old products(15+ years). Its technical expertise in the solar domain combined with advanced quality, reliability & serviceability of storage-based products and unmatched after sales support makes Statcon Energiaa the customer’s first choice. Indeed, Statcon renders its solutions into various critical application areas like defense, state electricity boards, power generating stations, aviation, telecommunication and railway.

Enriched with such features, Statcon Energiaa, today is looking forward to set-up >1000 storage based petrol pumps across India. “All these have been made possible due to long experience of the team and their aggressive approach towards the latest trends and technologies, product customization and consistency in relation building. This is very much in line with our tag line ‘Inspire Innovate Implement’,” concludes Manoj.