• Fusion Microfinance: Transforming Rural India by Impacting the Lives of Millions
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    Fusion Microfinance: Transforming Rural India by Impacting the Lives of Millions

    It’s often phrased that bright future belongs to the ones who chase dreams. But imagine living in a household where you cannot even dream of a better future for your children. Sumitra, a resident of Dhampur village in the outskirts of Uttar Pradesh along with her husband and two daughters, was living such a perturbed life, mirroring a large woman population in the country. As her husband’s earnings was never enough to pay for the school fee, children’s education was an abiding nightmare for them. Finally, the inevitable happened, and they were compelled to withdraw children’s names from the school. It was one of the darkest days in their life. Left with no hopes, they slowly started finding terms with the set back. But future belongs to the one who takes right decision at...


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