SPM Enterprise Communications: Striving to become a Leading System Integrator by Leveraging our Expertise & Experience

Phani Kumar,   Founder

Phani Kumar


The pandemic has taken a massive lead in the working functionality of numerous businesses. It has enabled the abrupt shift to an online mode of working, connecting people across the country via online meetups, and putting the concept of the global village into practice. This paradigm shift necessitates cutting-edge technology that connects to the world while transitioning from an offline mode of operation to a completely online mode of operation. SPM Enterprise Communications Pvt Ltd caters to collective services that support the linear flow of communication in the organization's house and outhouse in order to meet this instantaneous demand. Integration of clusters of technology in its service to make the communication effective without any kind of noise in its flow has been an integral part of this firm.

SPM Enterprise Communications started in the year 2016 with the sole intention of providing simplified solutions through innovative technologies. This firm acts from the designing of the solutions to deploying, installing, and maintenance of an array of optimized solutions in the ambit of IT platforms. The firm engages the world with advanced generation IP solutions ranging from VoIP to highdefinition video conferencing regardless of the category of congregations with AVSI integration. The collection of services of the firm includes voice communication, networking, IT
infrastructure, video collaboration, AVSI/board room solutions, IP surveillance, office automation solutions, and passive solutions.

SPM Enterprise Communications is committed to catering customer oriented service with minimal cost. Speaking more on this company's Founder Phani Kumar says, "Our company tries to build a professional relationship with our clients. We convert our customers to loyal customers with our result-oriented services. Our services are designed with cutting-edge technologies and its application. We make sure that once the products are highly optimized and costeffective to serve the vivid requirements of clients. We ultimately focus on customer centric solutions along with latest and innovative technologies for integration within their respective departments with minimum equipment and maximum utilization.

Our customization of products and services approach relies on a Design thinking system

Technology Integration
As the world is getting advanced on a regular interval concerning technology and software with respect to it SPM Enterprise also imbibed numerous high-end technologies in its operations. It satisfies customer requirements with its design thinking solutions. Merging two or more technologies to perform various tasks not only provides a one-stop solution for numerous requirements but also boosts the efficiency of the products. This factor has been the unique feature of the firm and people from different parts of the nation gravitate towards SPM Enterprise' solutions.

With the proven result in the communication market over more than 6 years SPM Enterprise looking forward to expanding its operations to different corners of the world. This firm is aiming at equity acquiring large enterprises for the deployment of more IP solutions. Along with that it also planning to diversify its distribution channel for some of the products that utilize IP solutions on a large note. In the coming year, the company is geared up to tap large business enterprises gradually entering the global market with the same mission and vision.

OEM & Geographical Support
In this continuous effort, we have been supported by Multiple OEMs of Leading Brands like Poly, Cisco, Bosch, Samsung, LG, Matrix etc. Where they are supporting us with the clients located across PAN India and we have been exetending our support to the clients and Partners across India Geographically.