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  • 10 Most Promising Enterprise Communication Solution Providers - 2022

    While, no business can be imagined without communication, technology advancements are transforming the way enterprises communicate today to go about their business operations & functions performance. Inducing digitalization and automation in the organizations across its businesses operations today, Enterprise Communication Solutions companies are helping companies across the challenges levied by evolutions brought down by Industry 4.0, and changing trends in business conduct. The Enterprise Communication Solutions companies are comprehending the exacts by integrating the real and the digital worlds through digitalization of communication systems. Collecting, understanding, and using massive amounts of data that are generated in the age of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)...

10 Most Promising Enterprise Communication Solution Providers - 2022

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
ABS India ABS India Rajesh Madan, COO Serves a range of enterprise communication needs, including Voice Communication Solutions Data Communication Solutions and CTI & IVR Applications
Astralinx Astralinx Arul Arasan, CEO & CTO It is a cloud-first solutions company offering advisory and business transformation services
Avaya Avaya Vishal Agrawal, Managing Director Leverages cloud technology to build open & converged solutions for simplified business communications and collaboration in cloud, on premises or a hybrid of both
Cloud Connect Communications Cloud Connect Communications Vidhu Nautiyal,, Chief Product Officer A Virtual Network Operator (VNO) enabling Mobile First Business Communication and Team Collaboration through Mobile Unified Communication
Connx Connx Indrajit Ghosh, CEO The firm has made its mission to accelerate business digital transformation by simplifying connectivity, collaboration, and service assurance operations
Delcom Telesystems Delcom Telesystems Ravindra Singh, , CEO Delivers solutions for Contact Centres, Video Conferencing System & Equipments, SME Communications and Data Networking
Pan Intellecom Pan Intellecom Harbir Singh, Managing Director Designs integrated intelligent solutions and applications for datawall, display solutions, audio video integration, video conferencing solutions, access control and CCTV/IP surveillance
Progility Technologies Progility Technologies Anil Jain, Chairman Delivers project management services business offering consulting, recruitment, training and IT, communications systems, and integration services
SPM Enterprise Communications SPM Enterprise Communications Phani Kumar, Founder Provides IP-based solutions for a variety of corporate firms with AVSI integration in its products
ZeroMiles ZeroMiles Pankaj Jha, Director The company is known for its group of professionals with decades of experience in planning, engineering, implementing, integrating, and creating systems