SpicaWorks: Tailor Made Solutions Achieving First Time Silicon

Gaurav Jalan  CEO, Karthik  Anand  COO,    Varnit Jain   EVP

The Semiconductor industry is on a roll ever since IoT, AI & cloud went mainstream. From industrial automation, driverless cars to intelligent medical diagnostics, the semiconductor industry players have tested their mettle in terms of innovation and deliverables. Riding this wave of growth, Bangalore based SpicaWorks India Private Limited provides end to end semiconductor design services covering digital, analog, system design & embedded software. Backed by experienced leaders in semiconductor product development and design services, SpicaWorks focuses on building Product Engineering Services (PES)and IP based point solutions. PES requires a highly qualified and experienced team to deliver end to end technology solution. SpicaWorks is in a position to diligently Cater to the void for exceptional solutions.

While the Indian electronics system design and manufacturing (ESDM) industry as a whole depends on imports to plug the huge demand supply gap, domestic design services are still its key strength with huge potential. Adding to this, CEO, Gaurav Jalan says, “Electronics is penetrating our lives
more than ever. This has proliferated into variety of semiconductor product
development initiatives from silicon providers as well as OEMs. The India story continues to be a key factor for engineering these initiatives. The captives in India have been growing year after year and the design services space has witnessed a multifold rise in demand. Further to this, the next wave of growth will be fueled by vertical integration in the electronics industry driven by the likes of Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook etc”. With utmost discipline in their approach, SpicaWorks has successfully delivered the latest wave of growth with the rise of System on Chip solutions. Given the experience & technical prowess, the team is committed to work closely with the customers to deliver value.

SpicaWorks has successfully delivered the latest wave of growth with the rise of System on Chip solutions

Working Closely with Clients’ Objectives
From the mainframe to the mini to the PC to the smartphone, our computing devices just keep getting smaller, faster, and cheaper. Each of these shifts depended on advances in semiconductor technology and the ongoing impact of Moore’s Law, as individual transistors gave way to the integrated circuit, and then the sophisticated system on a chip. Understanding the implementation challenges of realizing added functionality on the leading technology nodes customized to the end application is the key.
SpicaWorks has been contributing to solutions on challenges of deep sub-micron designs, systematic power optimization from architecture to silicon,application specific verification, safety & security with a system level view. “The goal is to define and deliver solutions covering from edge to the cloud”, adds Karthik Anand, COO, SpicaWorks. The solutions are tailor made for specific unique problems or demands. SpicaWorks engages closely with their clients, understanding their innovation and next generation products. The SpicaWorks team is proficient in delivering KPI (Key Progress Indicators) metric driven execution in complete ownership model. With a deep understanding of implementation, Spica Works has brought forth cost effective solutions for IP maintenance. Depending on the requirements, these solutions can be delivered from an offshore design centre or near shore presence.

SpicaWorks is involved with multiple production designs on 7nm & 16nm. The end applications include high speed networking chips, programmable SoCs, next generation connected solutions, artificial intelligence cores, and server grade designs. In a year’s span, SpicaWorks has secured a strong foot hold in Bangalore and Noida with rapid expansion plans in Hyderabad and US. With focus on geographical expansions, SpicaWorks is set to face customers working in next generation products. For the same, the company is working to add capabilities enclosing analog, embedded software and system design, thereby ensuring an end of end solution from IP to system level.