• Elveego Circuits: Proving Competencies in High Precision Circuit Design
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    Elveego Circuits: Proving Competencies in High Precision Circuit Design

    The Global Semiconductor device market is expected to witness significant demand over the next seven years due to the growth in sectors like 5G, Autonomous Things, Augmented Analytics, AI, Internet of Things (IoT) and Edge Computing etc. Improving technology trends in current markets have increased demand for high precision, power and area optimized designs. More so, the need to launch such devices with much faster time to market demand these cutting-edge designs to be done with much shorter turnaround times. However, the industry is struggling with quality domain players who present a comprehensive portfolio of turnkey design services. ELVEEGO CIRCUITS is a one stop semiconductor turnkey designs and solutions provider specializing in design of Analog, Mixed Signal, RF and Digital...

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