SpaceShift: Reinforcing Brand Reception with High End VR Solutions

Sunny Dutta, Founder
Sunny Dutta,Founder

One of the most critical factors that prevent the mass adoption of VR is its cost. With all of its gains so far, the VR industry still needs to overcome the high expense associated with devices and solutions. With more businesses making the digital changeover now than ever before, and new online content providing interactive customer experience,the tech nerds are in the mission of introducing more affordable VR devices to the market. Being one such tech enthusiast, SpaceShift, a niche and powerful 3D imaging and Virtual Reality agency,goes one step forward and provides high level visual quality renderings catering to various industry needs to help clients showcase compelling virtual spaces. Sunny Dutta, Founder, SpaceShift shares,“The main requirement of today’s businesses, especially real estate is bridging the physical gap between the customer and the product. SpaceShift leverages latest technologies such as 360 Video, Virtual Tours and 3D Walk throughs to enable the customer to experience the space from wherever they are, as naturally as possible.Spotted as an accomplished solution provider in VR market, we have mastered the use of a wide variety of
technologies to design solutions, specific to each client and their unique requirements.”

" Space Shift leverages latest technologies such as 360 Video, Virtual Tours and 3D Walk throughs to enable the customer to experience the space from wherever they are, as naturally as possible "

Besides the usual services like virtual tours,SpaceShift also offers specialized services like Stereoscopic 360 VR Video Production and self hosted 3D tours that help give clients an edge over the competition. Their service spectrum covers Google StreetView for Businesses, Custom Virtual Tours, 3D walk throughs and 360 Video Production. “SpaceShift is dedicated to serve best in class 3D imaging, aerial shots, 360 video production and VR solutions for web, mobile and VR headsets. Our firm uses state of the art technology to create the most immersive and engaging content with stunning details. We are here to curate our clients’ spaces, ideas, events and related concerns and produce a worth while experience for their customers,” Sunny emphasized.

SpaceShift has been recognized for its completely new form of immersive media that invites end users to explore the space as if they were really there! Delineating on the technical expertise of the company, Sunny indicates that “Our expertise lies in 360 Stereoscopic VR Video Production, which is more immersive and challenging than monoscopic. Motion is introduced to make VR space more
interesting by using Rovers and heavy duty drones to mount our Stereoscopic 360 camera rigs that can shoot upto 7680x 7680(8k) Stereoscopic content. Additionally, we take pride in creating Self-Hosted 3D Virtual Tours with doll house views and 3D transitions. With this innovative technology, the tours can be hosted on the client’s server with no third party involvement, and lets us manipulate every single scene by creating high dynamic range/colour, furnishing an empty space and so on. Moreover, Space Shift provides interactive hotspots inside the virtual tours to experience the minute details virtually.

With cutting-edge technology, specialized hardware, top end post production tools and a well focused R&D division, the company augments brand reception,sales possibilities and product expansion for various industries and integrates 6 degrees of freedom into the product experience. Partnered with numerous reputed companies in the Construction, Hospitality and Real Estate sectors, SpaceShift is a PAN India company having branches in Goa and Kolkata. Speaking about the company’s growth and future plans, Sunny says,“Since our inception in 2016 we have been seeing a steady growth in revenue, with year on year increase of 160 percent and foreseeing exponential growth for the coming few years. Our Vision is to achieve a fully immersive virtual world where real life situations, events and digital content can be experienced in an entirely genuine manner.”