SmartSoC: Assisting Businesses Deliver Products Fastest to Markets

Bharath Desareddy,    CEO

Bharath Desareddy, CEO

The fragmentation of semiconductor design and manufacturing began several decades ago with outsourcing of packaging and final test because it was viewed as a low-level function that provided little differentiation or value. Many companies have outsourced semiconductor design to specialty design houses or have begun licensing IP from other companies. This allows companies to share the expense of the design experts and have access to designers with expertise in specific areas. It has resulted in a huge growth in IP licensing. While there will still be a market for off the shelf semiconductors, the highest growth is in the area of customized semiconductors that are being designed either in-house or with design partners.

Bengaluru based SmartSoC Solutions Private Limited is a technology design
"This semiconductor design outsourcing provider offers engineering expertise in the areas of Semiconductor IC Design, Embedded Software, and IoT,under one roof"

services company carrying an exceptional level of expertise in semiconductor design and embedded software development including applications. SmartSoC Solutions’ engagement model is equally diverse - all the way from architecture or product spec development to full turnkey projects, or deploying large/small teams around the world to helping its clients deliver their latest product, fastest to market. SmartSoC delivers end-to-end Semiconductor outsourcing services that allow clients to achieve both quick wins and long-term results. This semiconductor design outsourcing provider offers engineering expertise in the areas of Semiconductor IC Design, Embedded Software, and IoT, under one roof. The company aims to be an extended arm of Semiconductor product companies and enables them to ensure good quality productization of their chips in a cost effective manner.

End-to-End Assistance
Product lifecycles today need much more than engineering expertise. Increasing
functionalities for every product has driven the complexity of the design to new heights. So today, a single line approach to the lifecycle roadmap is just not enough. A multi pronged approach is required to reach the goals of creating an optimal solution, at the lowest possible cost, and fastest time-to-market - all with minimal flaws.

To master this complexity a business needs skilled domain experts at every stage, with the ability to break¬down every process into the most granular detail at multiple stages. Obviously this requires a high degree of skill in Architecture modeling, Architecture evaluation, Optimal Hardware-Software partitioning, RTL implementation and closure of functional verification. SmartSoc Solutions’ full-service offering includes SOC Design & Verification, Physical Design & Verification, DFT, FPGA Design & Emulation, Analog Design & Layout and IoT & M2M.

Over the last two years, SmartSoC Solutions has evolved into an exceptional organization with constant emphasis on engineering excellence and delivering quality solutions to customers. SmartSoC intends to continue on the path and achieve greater customer satisfaction in this domain.