SkandySys: En-route Productivity in VLSI Framework to Grow Technological Businesss

Suresh Patil,CEO

Suresh Patil, CEO

The game changing innovations that defined this era are the architecture and software layers of the technology stack enabling several important advances. Semiconductor is one of them, which plays a vital role in nearly every field of modern electronics and is implemented in the production of every thing from radios to computers, to electrical & electronic appliances. SkandySys Private Limited, headquartered in Bangalore with offices in USA delivers cutting edge solutions across a diverse portfolio of services that includes ASIC Design, Verification, Physical Design, DFT, Circuit Design & Layout, FPGA & platform based Emulation, Embedded Software and System Bringup.

As SkandySys has a global design service for VLSI and Embedded Software sectors, the company’s product engineering services emphasis on chip design and embedded software that has firm belief in ownership-based model. “SkandySys believes in delivering value based engineering services; the company was started with a goal to bring back the ‘consultative approach’ in services segment. We believe that,over a period of time
the outsourcing market has shifted from consultative/value based to head-count based business and we intend to take it back”, says Suresh Patil, CEO, SkandySys Private Limited. SkandySys provides solutions in consulting mode where the company owns the customers issues or problems with more focus on providing the talents rather than providing solutions with contracting mode. The company believes that the main strength of a design service company is its people and SkandySys invested in acquiring good technical teams with a high average experience across the board.

" SkandySys offers end-to-end design services to enable customer to come up with Silicon and Software solutions"

Smart and Clean Semiconductor Design Services
SkandySys offers end-to-end design services to enable customer to come up with Silicon and Software solutions which includes digital designing, digital verification, DFT, physical design and firmware & software. SkandySys works on multiple aspects of RTL design flow which provides clients with unbiased technology and system architecture advice that perfectly matches their project requirements, budget, and schedule. For a successful ASIC design, emulation, and prototyping are essential tools to verify the functionality of a chip, SkandySys’ verification team is diversified to handle these services and has expertise ranging from complex multi-million gate designs to subsystems designed for graphics, camera, USB and PCI-E.
Additionally, the company has proficiency in UDR, SCAN Insertion, LBIST Insertion, Compression Logic Insertion, Boundary Scan Insertion, Memory BIST insertion and IOS. The company can plan, strategies, develop DFT architectures and methodologies, and flows.

With such expertise in developing, managing, and producing complex software solutions in multiple domains, SkandySys provides the complete software services ranging from Hardware centric software to application and User interface development & validation with the support of senior software architects and engineers.

SkandySys was incepted in 2017 and has delivered 100 percent growth in revenue, people, and has had two successful tape outs in cutting edge technologies within a year of its establishment. The company works on latest technologies to stay relevant and imbibe & impart the AI & ML techniques in building the design flows. With such strong industrial methodologies, SkandySys is considered by top semiconductor companies for various projects and has worked on projects like RTL to GDSII of a ‘Smart Power SoC’ for a US customer, System & Software design of a POS terminal for the US market and Front-end Design & Verification of a consumer SoC supporting the ATSC3.0 standard. Also, the company has developed patentable ideas on the way verification environment is built up which actively involved in setting up automation framework/ flow methodology for a leading semiconductor customer.