ShopOwner: Customizable POS Solutions to Smartify Business and Boost Sales

In some past years, the digital revolution has been the most important factor to disrupt the retail industry. That’s why, the new emerging technologies are shaping the retail industry for a better customer experience both in-store and online. ShopOwner, headquartered in Virginia, USA with an Indian office at Chennai, provides businesses and individuals a simple, easy to use and feature rich POS. The unique proposition is that the offering allows businesses to avoid the expensive hardware, complicated setup, and equally expensive billing.

“ShopOwner runs on Android Tablets and Phones. Businesses can avoid costly devices, infrastructure, wires and networking equipments, etc, without compromising with the efficiency of the solution”, said Venkatesh Babu, Founder, ShopOwner.

Budget Friendly yet Feature Rich POS

When customers buy products and services from businesses, a business that understands the market, also understands that customers are buying an experience rather than just the products and services. ShopOwner helps to convert that transaction into a relationship by enabling businesses to work smarter, make data informed decisions, and create the best possible experience for their customers.

Ever since its inception, ShopOwner has been a futuristic system running on a Secure Hybrid Cloud. Having understood that 100 percent internet uptime is nearly impossible, ShopOwner works offline when needed. ShopOwner is digital first with support for emailed receipts, SMS receipts, and WhatsApp receipts. An Android Phone/Tablet is all that is required to run the application. “There really is no need for new hardware or
costly peripherals to run a smart business, customers can run their business without any hardware”, adds Venkatesh.

Venkatesh Babu ,Founder

Additionally, ShopOwner’s Backoffice works as an Assistant in the Cloud. With the help of this application, business owners and managers can run operations from anywhere in the world. Backoffice brings all aspects of business lifecycle like sales, product management, and inventory, employee management, customer management, multistore management, customer feedback, and social media listening, etc. in a single place giving a 360 degree view of the business. Backoffice also has powerful just in time analytics.

Ever since its inception, ShopOwner has been a futuristic system running on a Secure Hybrid Cloud

ShopOwner has benefitted several businesses in India and overseas. A restaurant chain in Coimbatore, a juice shop chain in Bangalore, a large Middle Eastern restaurant chain in Michigan, a local pizza chain in Virginia, a leading dining and entertainment business in Boston and many more have reaped the benefits of ShopOwner. The company’s goal is to make ShopOwner the operating system for food service and retail businesses. ShopOwner is currently having a powerful Android-based POS and web-based Backoffice that meets the critical needs of small businesses and entrepreneurs. In the next 5 years, the ShopOwner suite will evolve with e-commerce, marketing and IoT based security capabilities.