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  • 10 Most Promising POS Solution Providers - 2019

    In the traditional way, customers do payment at the cash counter for the list of items they have brought. The person sitting at the counter calculates the price one by one and gives a total sum that needs to be paid by the customer. Imagine the condition of a retail shop where this process becomes tedious when each customer has to do payment for a whole lot of items. This process used to consume a significant amount of time of the customer. At some point in the history, technological advancement hit this area, and blessed with a better management of purchase system, leaving both shopkeeper and the customer happy. Point-Of-Sale, POS, is a system designed independently for various businesses, whether it is restaurant, hypermarket, food court, or even movie theatre or hospital, for the...

10 Most Promising POS Solution Providers - 2019

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
EPaisa EPaisa Shanin Kunnath, COO Leverages technologies such as machine learning and cloud computing to deliver user-friendly Point of Sale experience for multiple business types.
Intuition Software Intuition Software Anand Asaithambi , Co-Founder & CEO Provides complete POS, billing and data analytics solutions that work with products like IVEPOS-v1, IVEPOS-v2 and IVEPOS-v3 for restaurants and retails.
Logic ERP Logic ERP Swarndeep Singh , MD Delivers POS solutions across various industries such as retail, distribution & manufacturing, apparel & footwear, pharmaceutical, FMCG, electronics & telecommunications etc.
POSist Technologies POSist Technologies Ashish Tulsian , Co-Founder & CEO Avails SaaS based Restaurant management platform to assist businesses to manage single restaurants as well as chains operations.
QuickBill QuickBill (L to R) Subramanya Udupa, Hari Babu, Bijimon Thomas and Basavesh, Founding Team Facilitates POS and Inventory management solutions for small, midsize and large business operation from a single store to a large chain.
RBW Solutions RBW Solutions Ashok Maheshwari , Co-Founder Develops Retail Apparel POS Software, Retail Apparel POS Software and Billing Software solutions.
Romio Technology Romio Technology Mohit Sharma , CEO Renders customized POS software for restaurants, hospitality, F&B industry, night clubs, food courts and caterers.
ShopOwner ShopOwner Venkatesh Babu , Founder Offers Android-based POS & web-based solution for Backoffice Management, Employee Management, and Items Management.
SyncRooms SyncRooms Arun Varma , CEO Enables POS solution that caters Table Management, Menu Management, Order Type Management, and KOT Management.
Torqus Torqus Tanmay Ratnaparkhe , Co-Founder & CEO Delivers end-to-end POS & ERP solution for Restaurant Management, and Supply Chain Management.