Semicon Technolabs: Responsibly Delivering Knowledge

Umar Farooq, Co-Founder,Swamy Manda, Founder & CEO

Umar Farooq, Co-Founder

VLSI and embedded systems are the emerging domains in India. Our country spends billions of dollars every year to bring electronics consumer devices to India. As the ‘Make in India’ programme is thriving in India, there are a lot of manufacturers looking to participate dedicatedly to this movement. However, there is a huge skill gap evident in the two domains. Most of the electronics manufacturing industry will need Embedded and VLSI engineer in bulk to sustain the giant size demands in the market. But the study pattern in Indian Colleges and universities are not at par for producing quality engineers in these fields. The essence of VLSI and embedded is in practical product development, and a practical mindset is more important than the theoretical knowledge. Headquartered in Bangalore, Semicon Technolabs is a Semiconductor (VLSI) Product & Services Company, with a vision to offer VLSI Trainings to Universities, Professionals and Corporates. Semicon facilitates and provides corporate industry trainings to VLSI engineers and College Graduates.
This helps in bridging the gap between classrooms to hands-on Semiconductor industry knowledge. Eventually, these fresh grads armed with industry knowledge comfortably contribute to the semiconductor industry’s demand and supply gap.

"At Semicon Technolabs, the skilled workforce spends enough time to understand the requirement and post that their streamlined hiring and training process does the rest"

While managing end-to-end resource management, Semicon also facilitates hiring right resource for the open positions as per client’s requirement in regular intervals. Semicon Techno labs provides full end to end services, from Architecture Specifications, RTL design, Physical Design, Verification, DFT and Analog Design/Layout. ASIC Verification, Physical Design, DFT, Analog Layout, Analog Circuit Design, FPGA Design and Verification are few of the semiconductor services offered by Semicon.

Understanding the Requirement First
Semicon approaches clients by understanding the requirement thoroughly. The team at Semicon has realized that often the requirements are not understood completely and hence the solution or the resources which were provided are mismatched. At Semicon Technolabs, the skilled workforce spends enough time to understand the requirement and post that their streamlined hiring and training process does the rest.
Moreover,the company has training programs over the weekend, targeted at the resources deployed on the job to supersede client’s expectation. “We make sure before the start of the project that we understand the requirements fully and identify the best resource for that job. In case the requirements change and the resource is not up to the mark, the senior management steps in to mitigate the risk”, adds Swamy Manda, Founder & CEO, Semicon Technolabs.

Swamy Manda, Founder & CEO

Semicon Technolabs has always been on the cutting edge of design, and chooses opportunities which use the latest and the greatest in technology. At the same time, Semicon also makes sure that their team works very closely with EDA companies to get trained on the new methodologies being offered by them. With Qualcomm, Intel, Altran, Aricent, and Synopsy as their reputed clients, the company is constantly striving towards adding new clients and hiring right resource along with enough bench strength to support any immediate requirements.