Scientific Animations: A Leading Medical Animation Studio for Pharma Marketing, Interactive Learning & App Development

Girish Khera, Managing Director - India

GirishKhera, Managing Director - India

Have you heard of medical animation? At its core, animation is a tool to describe the visually complex. It’s hardto visualize someone’s imagination, hence the use of animation in film, TV and gaming. Seeing a house before it’s built, the ends of the universe, or the microscopic interactions of drugs, are all visually complex and therefore, conducive to animation.

Scientific Animations specializes in visualizing medicine. Over the last 15 years, the company has worked for virtually all of the top global pharmaceutical and medical device companies. Its services include app development,3D medical illustration, interactive learning and even virtual and augmented reality. But the company’s core is stunning 3D medical animations and visuals.

Scientific Animations’ true USP goes beyond revealing the inherent beauty in science; it is combining the domain expertise of medicine
with the polar opposite skill of creative visualization. This is done with a hybrid pipeline. Pre-production is done by medical illustrators that are trained in both biology and visualization. Since daily production requires work on professional animation and visual effects software, its employees are all graphics professionals. Therefore, the company emphasizes the need to ‘learn the medicine’. Another USP is having a hybrid U.S./India pipeline that allows it to deliver doorstep service at reasonable cost without depending on freelancers. Also, Scientific Animations ensures quality because it is scientific about the process of animation; hence its name – Scientific Animations. Lastly, the company’s founders, both from top U.S. colleges and having worked in global pharma, bring an unparalleled expertise, with a high degree of empathy towards its clients’ needs.

"Scientific Animations’ true USP goes beyond revealing the inherent beauty in science; it is combining the domain expertise of medicine with the polar opposite skill of creative visualization"

The Industry Scope in India
Currently, the industry in India is nascent. In the U.S., Scientific Animations’ main market, the bulk of pharma marketers use 3D animation. “Although only a few
would when we started 15 years ago. In India high-quality 3D animation is relatively unheard of. But we believe Indian pharma is turning a corner; as specialty generics and bioengineered molecules fuel the global ambitions of Indian pharma, the need for international quality communication will increase commensurately," asserts Girish Khera, Managing Director – India, Scientific Animations.

The company’s clients need the ability to grab and retain mindshare within the physician community. Physicians only prescribe what they know, understand and trust. 3D medical animation is an ideal tool to achieve all of these; therefore, animation is very effective in a world where physician time is paramount, which is true both in the U.S. and India. In the future, the company hopes to take on much more work in India.

“One exciting Indian client we have worked for is Dr. Cyrus Shroff. A leading global retinal specialist, and a household name in Delhi, Dr. Cyrus approached us for visuals to accompany a talk he was giving at upcoming domestic and international conferences,” asserts Girish. What made it particularly exciting was the very personal involvement Dr. Cyrus took in the project. And the time paid off; not only did his talks go very well, Scientific Animations won an award for the visuals!