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    Before the advent of computers, techniques such as claymation and slow-motion were used to create 3D image matrix. Figures shaped out of clay and moved a little bit for every shot was a gruelling task. However in 1960s, William Fetter created the first 3D human figure by deploying computer graphics technology. From early ages of phenakistiscope to flipbooks and present-day graphic animations, the ubiquitous technology has facilitated animation to evolve into three dimensional (3D) graphics from merely two-dimensional images and figures. 3D animation continues to grow and produces phenomenal end results in combination with animator’s talent. A global report states the expected growth of 3D animation industry to reach $21.05 billion by 2022, at a CAGR of 11.9 percent....

20 Most Promising 3D Animation Service Providers – 2019

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
3D Power 3D Power Yadnesh, Marketing Head 3D power is the popular 3D architectural visualization company, which gives high quality 3D rendering and 3D animation for many categories including architects, industrial, realtors, government organizations, medical, advertisement and others
AIS Technolabs AIS Technolabs Sunny Chawla, CEO One of the top 3D Indian animation company that offers wide range of services to create more lively elements and catch the attention of customers
Alexa Softlabs Alexa Softlabs Dilbag Swami, Director Offers various types of 3D animation including both Key Frame and Skeletal Animation for sectors like entertainment, advertising, architectural spaces and manufacturing units
BFX CGI BFX CGI Ambar Nair, Founder & Owner, Thup Nair, Co-Owner An internationally acclaimed full-service CG animation studio covering all aspects of the 3D pipeline for CG animated movies, television series, video games and commercials worldwide
Bhasinsoft Bhasinsoft Ankur Bhasin, CEO Provides end-to-end 3D solutions for TV series, movies, ad films, e-Learning, corporate presentations, product demos, training programs
Carter Rock Infotainment Carter Rock Infotainment Jeetendra Malkani, Proprietor A 3D animation studio providing world-class standard 3D characters, Modeling, Texturing, Rigging & other 3D services in best budget & non-compromising quality
Citrus Inc. Studios Citrus Inc. Studios Vrinda Sood, Founder & CEO An animation maven gaining a niche for its signature 3D production visualization, along with VFX & 2D services CG animation, architectural visualization, visual effects, and motion graphics/graphics, branding and story boarding
Creative Galaxy Creative Galaxy Rajan Bhatt, Owner With advance 3D tools and experience, Creative Galaxy builds & animates just about anything, whether its unique lighting effects, realistic object modeling, or putting imagination on the screen
DreaMarT Interactive DreaMarT Interactive Gigi Samuel, Founder & Director Using advanced technology, the company delivers 3D animations that leave magical effect on the audience. With the right blend of detailed modeling, realistic textures, compelling lighting effects and high quality rendering, DreaMarT Interactive professional breathe life to the projects
FluidCGI FluidCGI Nayaz Basha, Production Director With offices in the USA, India and the UAE, FluidCGI offers a unique and high-end 3d visualization services in diverse verticals of the building industry
Hotweb Digital Media Technologies Hotweb Digital Media Technologies Anil Kumar Chawla, Owner Proffers 2D & 3D animation for making corporate films and documentaries in all professional fields. The company has recently managed the WORLD TB-Day for Ministry of Health, Govt of India & WHO
PTC PTC Madhan, Senior Director - IoT Solutions PTC drives industrial digital transformation by enabling companies to design, manufacture, operate, and service things for a smart, connected world
Rocket Science Animation Rocket Science Animation Vivekananda Roy Ghatak & Gautam Singh, Co-Founders Offering a range of aesthetically appealing 3D design services, the company is focused on design & creation of 3D character animation for advertising and original content
Samaj Infotech Samaj Infotech Upen Patel, Founder Help ad companies, entertainment studios, publishing houses and educational institutions with high-quality 3D animation services at the most reasonable cost
Scientific Animations Scientific Animations Girish Khera, Managing Director - India A leading medical animation studio that blends it's domain expertise of medicine with the polar opposite skill of creative visualization to craft stunning 3D medical animations & visuals
Vibgyor360 Vibgyor360 Praveen, Owner Poses a vast experience in creating 3D animation services for web, films, e-learning, training, games, character designing, modeling, simulation, architectural walk through, medical animation,  industrial animation and mechanical simulation
Visual Connections, Visual Connections, Santosh Raju, Project Consultant Ranging from short films & documentaries to full-length feature films, the company delivers impactful 3D animation services for corporate training videos, TV advertisements, web series and more
XENTRIX XENTRIX Dommallur Shivanna Nandish, Director The fastest growing animation studio, XENTRIX specializes in services for high-end CGI animation and gaming projects. It is driven by a very close knit management team (all industry veterans) and world-class infrastructure
Zoetropeican Zoetropeican Sridhar (Shri) Rajamani, CEO A branding and visual design company that renders a range of creative services through animations, graphic design, UI design, claymation, motion graphics, special/visual effects and live shoots across multiple media