Scala: Revolutionizing Digital Transformation

Manish Kumar,MD & SVP- APAC

Manish Kumar


They Say A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words
Marketing strategies have seen the fastest rate of change in the past decade due to the continual introduction of advanced technology. No other aspect of digital marketing has seen a similar pace of shift in the overall landscape. The age of fractured digital markets for advertising is nearing its end as an increased number of technologies are trending toward unified markets, where ads extend over imaginary borders to generate more profit. The first wave of non-traditional signage came in the'80s and '90s, when retailers used VHS tapes and video monitors. Signage marketing evolved when established retailers, mostly those who could afford to do so, exchanged their video monitors for flatpanel displays as the pricepoint lowered on sleeker equipment options. More importantly, hardware options evolved as discs were replaced with media players supported by computers. The key to this trend shift is that content stopped being static and had become dynamic, and marketers were seeing a return on their digital investment. Content was also easily accessible, allowing for realtime updating a significant improvement for marketers. Then came along digitized display technology, and entered digital signage, changing the entire display marketing topography. Although digital signage has not completely replaced the need for printed signs, it has significantly changed the way consumers interact with retailers. Consumers are growing cautious regarding the drawbacks, including complexity and timely relevance, of sticking to traditional advertising such as print marketing. Those digital images reinforce brand messages, improve recall rates, drive in store traffic and motivate buying decisions.

"Scala delivers a complete user friendly experience with an intuitive platform that allows users to design, manage and deliver content to multiple media players and displays at scale"

However, using marketing technology to create and run a successful digital network has many factors to take into account such as software and hardware compatibility, networking, electrical interface and connectivity to ensure smooth growth of a digital network and progress the digital signage market. Scala has stayed ahead of cutting edge technologies and capabilitiesthat address these factors, building a full inhouse suite of technology including hardware, software and services. Based out of Philadelphia, PA, Scala is focused on providing digital signage platforms that can easily create and centrally manage deployment of experiences, while retaining the flexibility to rapidly adapt to local business conditions. Further, Scala has evolved to include expertise in creating advanced marketing technology solutions that incorporate technologies including audience intelligence, augmented and virtual reality, computer vision, and sensor technology. Scala has more than 30 years'experience informing and entertaining audiences across wide ranging industries such as retail, finance, restaurants, healthcare, entertainment and more. As part of the STRATACACHE family of marketing technology companies, Scala has access to an extensive suite of digital signage technology including hardware, software and global services and support. This uniquely positions Scala to deploy and support the full scope of a digital signage network from content management to installation and advanced analytics on a global scale.

Digital Signage, Flexible And Secure At Scale
Scala's marketing technology stack, including its proven digital signage software platform allows retailers, employers and marketers to tailor their digital signage communications for a specific audience, location and time. A centrally managed and locally updatable content management system allows for message refinement that creates a unique, personal way of communicating to audiences, including customers, employees, visitors and students. The Scala platform is flexible and scalable, allowing the customization of every aspect of the digital experience. Scala delivers a complete user friendly experience with an intuitive platform that allows users to design, manage and deliver content to multiple media players and displays at scale. A wide range of hardware and display options allows Scala's clients to scale any project with full confidence, knowing they will be able to deliver the desired customer experience aligned with their goals.

Superior Hardware Capabilities And Advanced Technologies
One of the keys to a successful digital technology network is having the latest
hardware to fully support the success of the project. As part of the STRATACACHE family of marketing technology companies, Scala's full solution offering includes a wide array of hardware including media players, displays, outdoor digital displays and tablets ensuring full flexibility and expertise for bespoke solutions for a digital project of any size, scope or complexity. It's important that the hardware used for the project is well designed for the specific digital project. Combining industry knowledge with decades of experience and best practices, Scala's media players, tablets and display solutions are engineered with performance, stability and capability in mind to suit every project need. Further, staying ahead of the continuously changing scope of marketing technology available in the market is imperative.Scala's interactive experiences increase audience and shopper engagement in physical spaces with wide ranging advanced technologies including large scale and large format digital signage, augmented and virtual reality, mobile sensors, artificial intelligence and computer vision technology.

Scala has more than 30 years' experience informing and entertaining audiences across wide-ranging industries

Optimising Retail Space And Creating Memorable Consumer Experiences
With the evolution of online commerce and audience engagement, today's consumers expect the same speed and convenience found online while in the brick and mortar venue. Marketing technology opens up new opportunities to offer guests memorable experiences while levelling up with the online world. Working with the largest brands globally, Scala recognizes challenges and opportunities for optimization in the physical space and helps retailers with solutions for:
Assisted Selling: Leverage deep knowledge of shoppers, offering concierge level service at every interaction
Service Automation: Streamline a frictionless customer experience
Personalization at Scale: Promote relevant products to shoppers in realtime, on any screen
Insights: Gather actionable data on shopper behaviors and store operations
Customer Loyalty: Build a more personal relationship, promoting brand loyalty and value
Emerging Technology: Reach beyond the horizon of which technologies are bringing customers into the store, using tech for advanced collaborative experiences

Gathering Insights On Consumer Behaviours And Preferences
Walkbase, Scala's realtime marketing and analytics platform, uses sensor technology to gather data on shopper, employee and audience behaviours, patterns and preferences in a physical space and helps retailers and marketers turn that data into actionable insights for display marketing. With this data, marketers can develop a more targeted approach for their strategy leading to more qualitative results for project goals.

Maximising Digital Investment With Innovative Solutions
Scala is creating strategic partnerships to bring digital display, sensor, mobile and emerging technology to market, at scale. Through their discovery process, the team works with you to discuss the ways you're looking to enhance the consumer experience. Scala then advises on the components and innovation that will bring your vision to the physical spacewhether that’s their own technology found across the STRATACACHE family of marketing technology companies, or through exploration of integrations and third party platforms that will complement and optimize the experience for today's better informed consumers. Scala's inhouse full solution offering includes: a flexible, intuitive platform for designing, managing and deploying digital content; a global professional services team with an extensive portfolio of skills; as well as a full range of Scala and STRATACACHE branded hardware including media players, commercial grade tablets, ruggedized outdoor displays, sensors and content acceleration devices. The company's strategies include ways to get true return out of your digital investment.

Driving Audience Engagement Transformation
Scala solutions have been successfully driving audience engagement transformation for the world's largest brands and have managed more than 3.1 million devices worldwide. Scala serves a wide spectrum of clientele across multiple industries and verticals including retail, quick service restaurants, finance, education, entertainment, transportation hubs, healthcare, government and hospitality.

"We have established a strong worldwide partner network to ensure that we stay updated with the industries'latest trends and deliver results that exceed our clients'expectations,"said Manish Kumar, Managing Director and SVP APAC.

New Regional Offices And Experience Centre Support Phenomenal Growth In APAC
Scala's foray in APAC has expanded exponentially in recent times, under the strategic leadership of Manish. With over a decade of management experience under his belt and acute business acumen, Manish has been instrumental in successfully building and growing the Scala brand in APAC and extending its reach into key growth markets.

This year, Scala set up the APAC headquarters in Singapore and multiple offices in Japan, India and Shanghai, while placing a strong emphasis on innovation and R&D. To facilitate the manufacturing and delivery of quality products, an all in one intelligent tablet and computing device manufacturing company in China was acquired and a regional warehouse facility in Singapore was established. Most recently, Manish spearheaded the opening of an Experience Centre in Singapore, further increasing Scala's visibility and capability to better support phenomenal growth in the region.

The Experience Centre showcases end-to-end advanced audience engagement technology solutions and digital signage offerings found across the STRATACACHE family of marketing technology companies, including Scala, Walk base and X2O Media. A full range of media players, all-in-one tablets and large format displays are also on display. The new outfit furthers efforts to improve consumer experience and enhances product immersion, accelerating Scala's commitment to customer success and innovation in Singapore.

"This is an exciting time of immense growth for the company and we look forward to supporting highrate growth clients in the expansive APAC region, through our customized turnkey solutions. With increasing brand awareness and the successful establishment of supporting infrastructure and resources in key markets, Scala is now well poised to further drive growth of the brand and the region's digital signage and marketing technology adoption," says Manish.

With a team of trailblazers, trend setters and creative, ultra modern innovators, Scala is on its trajectory to becoming one of the most sought after digital signage solution providers across the globe.