Saino First Network: Catalyzing Unmatched Customer Experience with an Advanced yet User-Friendly IVR Solution

Prem Saini,    CEO
Prem Saini, CEO

Undoubtedly, the innovations in the IVR industry are significantly improving the sales and communication aspects of organizations. As these IVR systems are getting increasingly robust technology-wise, they are becoming more and more complex to use. However, customer centricity being its core value, Saino First Network, an award-winning leading Cellular IT solutions company, makes the ease of implementation and usage of the platform as its top priority. This sounds even more impressive considering the fact that the company considers IT as a business enabler and adopts the newest technologies ahead of its competitors. For instance, it has already deployed AI chatbot with its systems which gives it an edge over competition.

Rich Set of Features
“Every aspect of our platform is designed to give our customers an easy-to-use application. We achieve this through multiple features like time-based routing, 24x7 support, real-time reports and analytics. It is a cost-effective solution to handle high volume of calls and to give the best customer
experience,” remarks Prem Saini, CEO, Saino First Network. The company’s AI-enabled, cloud-based & automated IVR solutions empower its clients to optimize the response to the caller. Saino First also allows the creation of sub-admin account for channel partners so they can have complete control on the features.

"Every aspect of our platform is designed to give our customers an easy-to-use application"

With its smart hosted IVR service, businesses can connect one particular caller to the same agent for better customer experience. Mean while, its personalized IVR system greets callers with their name, using the past interaction with the caller. Saino First’s IVR system is available in regional languages with accents and dialects native to the callers’ geographic location. Offering both inbound & outbound IVR solutions, the company lets its clients to have one wallet for all the solutions and provides number tracking solutions configured with SMS.

Saino First’s IVR solution ensures the provision of an optimal customer experience along with minimum dropped calls to customers using various technologies such as AI based technology (for personalized caller experience), context continuity, predict caller intent and in-queue self-service, among others. Expanding its service portfolio based on the synergies of different products has facilitated Saino First to become a 360 degree cloud telephony service provider in the industry, which provides
comprehen - sive cloud communication solutions and marketing tools to help its clients achieve maximum RoI.

Besides IVR, Saino First also offers services like Bulk SMS, SMS with Short-link, Voice & Email. It works with clients on Managed Campaigns for lead generation, where it handles the overall marketing campaigns of the clients. Leveraging the company’s experience in working with multiple industries, Saino First also provides consultation to clients who struggle to identify the right marketing platform to use for their product. While Saino First continuously works on improving its platforms to make them easier to use, it also ascertains that its client relationship managers are always available to guide the clients. “We vest keen importance on building long-term relationship with our clients by using technologically advanced solutions,” adds Prem.

The Rapid Ascent
Since its inception in 2014, Saino First has been focused on providing the best experience to its customers with its services and helping them to grow their business. This has in turn enabled this bootstrapped company to witness a tremendous growth and emerge as a fastest growing Voice, SMS, Email and value-added services provider in collaboration with leading Mobile Network Operators world wide. Targeting to close FY2019-20 with more than Rs.120 million revenue, Saino First anticipates that it will continue growing with the current pace.