RepTrack: For Visibility in the Sales Kingdom

Ashish Munjaal ,CEOSales operations have long been considered a complex agenda and what makes it even more difficult is the visibility. A healthy business of course requires trust, but to keep check on your sales reps is only for business productivity. A thingamabob of Eko WebTech, RepTrack CRM app helps management to track its field employees e.g. sales, service, and maintenance personnel in real time and ensure that the reps are at the correct location by providing timely service to the client assigned to each. Additionally, management can communicate with the employee through the RepTrack App via phone, chat or email by clicking on the respective icons. Moreover, since the management knows exactly where the employee is at any time, new customer sales/service leads can be assigned to the nearest Rep, thereby, saving time and effort. This in turn, creates a more efficient organization leading to higher sales and customer loyalty.

As CRMs are strongly preferred as user friendly, RepTrack adheres to a number of similar considerations that boost the CRM adoption. This app's features are available on the main dashboard screen. Admin can see
all his employee locations on the Dashboard on a map. All tools for leads and follow ups required for CRM are available on the Admin dashboard. Making it further simple in terms of user interface, RepTrack makes all the features displayed in tiled form on the Admin dashboard. When the manager logs into his account, he/she will see the location of each of their Reps. Upon tapping the map screen once, the map will expand to show rep locations in more detail. If the manager wants to communicate with any of their Reps showing on the map, they just need to tap on the Rep name and a pop up window will open with a host of communication tools. Manager can also see any location in India or abroad by typing keywords in search window. Moreover, after logging on to his panel, Rep can add customers, add follow up for each of these customers, and add status on lead management. Every time a Rep adds a new follow-up, it gets updated as a new lead with date and time stamp. Manager can also log in to his account and view all follow-up leads for each customer of each Rep, separately. This will help the Manager to see the progress and efficiency of each Rep. New follow up with Customer can also be added from this Screen.

As CRMs are strongly preferred as user friendly, RepTrack adheres to a number of similar considerations that boost the CRM adoption

RepTrack helped a Registered Society in Delhi based on the concept of 'Doctors without borders'. The group sets up medical camps in remote areas and uses RepTrack to keep track of their doctors and their team during such camps. RepTrack is also used to communicate with each other as it has an integrated chat feature built in.

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