QuickBill: Enabling Quickest Implementations for Seamless Business

(L to R) Subramanya Udupa, Hari Babu, Bijimon Thomas and Basavesh,Founding TeamConsumer demands and expectations have long dictated the changes that come to the retail landscape. To stay afloat and meet their increasing needs, the retail industry is constantly evolving and facing both new challenges as well as opportunities spurred by the emergence of new technologies. The need of the hour is a robust and easy to deploy and start using solution that can enable retailers to instantly enter a seamless business process and focus on their core competency. Based out of Bangalore, QuickBill is a business solution for small, midsize and large business operation from a single store to a large chain. The solution is scalable and comprehensive for businesses at any stage. It provides greater control over the Inventory, POS/Trading operations along with financials. While being really quick in implementing and simple, QuickBill is comprehensive to use with the power to support businesses’ growth plans. Majority of the businesses are simple and they require simple solutions. Just because the solutions
handle complex business need of some businesses, the all set of customers suffer with a complex solution. “We ensure that simple business does not require to follow complex process and complex business can handle their cases with ease”, says Bijimon Thomas, Founder, QuickBill Solutions Private Limited.

The software can be used easily by the working class while remaining highly intuitive and easily comprehensible

Fundamentally, QuickBill takes pride in being an exceptional solution that avails an easy to use interface. The software can be used easily by the working class while remaining highly intuitive and easily comprehensible. For an instance, one of its many big & small ventures, QuickBill caters to a grocery store run by a fairly educated couple. A testimony to the solution’s ease of use; QuickBill can be operated with an average vocabulary (to read the functions) and little or no computer knowledge. The solution abstains from complicating business’ workflow and allows the business owner to comfortably adjust to the technology implementation. QuickBill supports the business process of the user and configure accordingly. “The way we choose to stay ahead of the curve is to constantly evolve our solution”, adds the Founder. QuickBill follows an iterative process where it takes customer feedbacks and accordingly develops the solution to fit according to the needs that are genuinely critical and noteworthy. More so, an important attribute to note is that, unlike several contributors to the retail solution segment, QuickBill never stores and leverages the client data for internal uses.

QuickBill Partners are a growing community of Software resellers, hardware resellers, Retail consultants, system integrators who is involved with retail and trading business segment. We are in businesses with clients that have businesses that have a single store and those that have around 50-60 outlets. QuickBill looks forward to becoming a key player in the retail segment for the SMEs in India and has also placed its first step in the UAE and African market.