PTC: Extending the Frontiers of IoT with Innovative Solutions in CAD, PLM, AR & Much More

Madhan,Senior Director - IoT Solutions

Madhan, Senior Director - IoT Solutions

The dreams of living in a smart & connected world are not just dreams anymore as the wave of Internet of Things (IoT) has brought-up seamless physical & digital convergence, among diverse industries while embracing a constant state of evolution. Today, a spectrum of products/gadgets are connected and monitored over multiple networks via IoT, which is indeed escalating the business value of these industries, addressing their management issues and also sprucing-up the productivity. Despite the profusion in new IoT players in the market, the need of the hour is for a full-fledged firm that goes beyond the frontiers of IoT to offer product design to manufacturing, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), and much more critical technologies.

Being second to none in the IoT realm and answering this biggest need is PTC (NASDAQ: PTC) with over 30+ years of profound experiences in driving digital transformation & innovation, as well as whopping investments in executing the physical & digital convergence. Opposed to other IoT players, PTC is the only firm which embodies solutions right from design, development, engineering to manufacturing of products besides uninterrupted connectivity of the digital twins of these products. With a strong legacy of dealing with numerous product development companies, the firm always stays at the forefront of developing new technologies for digital transformation. In addition, it also innovates on multiple enterprise solutions in tune with the requirements of manufacturers, connects their smart products through the newly developed technologies, and thus derives maximum business value for them. Indubitably, PTC is an innovative technology leader today, harbouring a plethora of leadership positions.

Truly Being Second to None
Madhan, Senior Director - IoT Solutions, PTC, narrates, “Our legacy in the fields of Computer Aided Design (CAD) and PLM accounts to a span of more than 30 years with almost 2500+ Indian customers from different verticals. We have also taken a leap ahead with our proven portfolio of offerings in IoT, Augmented Reality (AR), Analytics, and many others which have unquestionably portrayed us as the market leaders”. In fact, PTC’s CAD Software solutions, entailing its earliest innovation – Parametric CAD modeling – was the first-of-its-kind in the industry. Creois PTC’s enterprise CAD platform, which helps companies in the conceptualization, designing,
engineering and manufacturing of their products. Its novel offering – Creo 5.0 is eminent for the enablement of faster & smarter designing by connecting the digital designs to their physical products.

"In 1998, PTC's Windchill was the first web-based PLM solution ever in the industry, built on internet-based technologies"

In 1998, PTC’s Windchill was the first web-based PLM solution ever in the industry, built on internet-based technologies. This unique offering allows enterprises to effectively manage all their artifacts right from concept, design, engineering to manufacturing processes. The firm has clearly proved that it was second to none again during its newest acquisition of Industrial IoT (IIoT). Unlike its competitors across the CAD and PLM domains, PTC was the first firm to contemplate not just on the aspect of connectivity of smart products, but also the remote monitoring of these products by the customers across their own factories.

Harnessing the Best of Industrial IoT & AR
As we enter the new world of Internet of Things (IoT), a robust IoT platform can help companies truly realize the potential of a smart, connected world and overcome challenges faced in industries that are undergoing a paradigm shift. In 2012, PTC announced the acquisition of ThingWorx, creators of an award-winning platform for building and running applications for the Internet of Things (IoT). ThingWorx is the industry's leading Industrial Innovation Platform that includes technologies and tools that enable users to rapidly develop, deploy, and extend IIoT applications, and Augmented Reality (AR) experiences.

The platform eliminates complex connectivity, programming, and deployment tasks for developers, while delivering powerful end user solutions that deliver high levels of return on investment. Using the ThingWorx Platform, organizations can quickly take their business to a new level by building smart, connected products, operations, and software.

With foresights on the might of Industrial AR, PTC acquired Vuforia from Qualcomm in 2015, which none of its competitors then possessed. Aspiring to enhance its focus in the IoT & B2B world, the firm made a mark in the AR space by projecting a spectrum of digital experiences onto a physical product to understand its working and demonstrate its operating metrics. Standing in the spotlight is PTC’s recent launch of a new Industrial AR solution accelerating adoption of Mixed Reality for Microsoft HoloLens 2. The firm is working on embedding few key capabilities into this device for better functioning.

Madhan states, “Our fundamental goal across all our offerings was to ceaselessly assist our clients in digital creation and management of their products. We help them in
the visualization of both their physical assets and digital systems and also in seamless integration of their multiple silos of information”. While PTC’s esteemed partners deliver tailor-made solutions to its customers, its platform presents them the capability to rapidly deploy solutions with high configurability. In fact, customers, students or any user can just sign-up across PTC’s platform and avail free trials for product evaluation without making any commercial relationship. Moreover, a bulk of learning materials, tutorials, and documents are also available to the users for deep-rooted exploration on the product

In regard to the customer success, PTC firstly educates its users on the benefits and features of its technologies besides assisting them on maximizing the adoption of these technologies

Empowering the Budding Engineers
Investing in educational institutions, PTC emphasizes on empowering the engineers of tomorrow by offering them subsidized yearly subscription access along with support services) to all the capabilities and solutions of its technologies so that they can gain hands-on exposure on the same. The firm has also established several Centres of Excellence that foster a great mix of the industry, as well as academic participation.

Besides the constant look-out for young talent, PTC trains its current employees with a series of enablement sessions, workshops, and brainstorming sessions on the trending technologies to further boost their performance. The employees are also bestowed with ample opportunities to step-up to newer roles and take on new responsibilities despite their contribution towards innovation.

In the coming years, PTC wishes to stay oriented on its core technologies – CAD and PLM and also expand its portfolio. Recognized as an innovation technology maven in the industry, PTC aspires to unveil multiple innovations in the areas of IoT, AR, and digital transformation to keep-up its name time and again.

Key Management:
Madhan, Senior Director – IoT Solutions
A Sales Management professional with over 24 years of experience, Madhan helps customers in the manufacturing space with a leading IoT and AR platforms along with field-proven solutions that bring out the best of physical and digital convergence.

Offices: Boston (HQ), with global presence & five offices in India. PTC has its largest R&D function out of Pune and Gurgaon with over 1300 employees

Products: Augmented Reality, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), CAD, PLM, Mathcad, Application lifecycle management, Service Lifecycle Management (SLM), and others