Prismic Reflections: Strategic Design Experiences to Empower the User & Meet Your Business Objective

Vishal Jadhav & Swarup K. Bagul, Co-FounderInternet has come a long way since its invention, and the number of internet users has clearly multiplied over the last years. Be it be for online shopping, socializing or anything else; internet users have evolved, and with the rising number of people to target, websites are mushrooming at a jet speed, thus making internet, a space more competitive than ever before. To be able to stay on top and excel, businesses need to keep up with the latest trends that are aimed at delivering most engaging User Experiences(UX)by user research, analysis,design strategy & creativity. 'Basic' is no more a satisfactory standard when it comes to online business, and the expert team of Nashik based Prismic Reflections® (Prismic Reflections Web Solutions LLP) is very well-versed about this requirement of today's evolving industry.

Set up in 2004, Prismic Reflections® is the brainchild of Vishal Jadhav and Swarup K.Bagul,a union which did not have any business background or much educational qualification but had profound interest in digital designing and digital technology. Shaped out of passion, enthusiasm and love
towards designing,the firm is meeting its inception objectives by offering unique services like User Experience and User Interface Design(UX/UI),Branding and Communication Design, Design &UX Audit & Web & Mobile App Design. A dedicated design studio, Prismic Reflections® believes in providing finest services that are dedicated towards transforming the face of a brand,its online presence &communication with its customers.

Working on the principles of constant innovation and learning, the firm accentuates on research-based design practices that cover important aspects of design thinking, user centered analysis, user centered design, usability principles and others.

The devotion of Prismic Reflections' team towards their work drives them to constantly enhance their skills and use this knowledge to offer better and dynamic solutions and services to the customers. "Once a customer approaches the company, our skilled team analyzes the challenges from root like finding the missing clarity in the concept or product definition, identifying the targeted audience, working on the design strategy that is aligned to the business and user goals, information architecture and its flow, setting or redefining visual languages and sometimes even transforming the entire brand visual personality. We have worked with multiple national and international clients and to all our clients we have the same opinion to share - we continuously & strategically design for your users to turn them into your happy customers. As a partner we aim to give you maximum return on your investment with us," speaks Vishal Jadhav, Co-Founder, Prismic Reflections.
Since inception, Prismic Reflections has completed small to big assignments for firms like HDFC Credila, Angel Broking, Metropolitan Stock Exchange (MSEI), The Art of Living, Durban University of Technology, Beyond Enough, eNyota Learning Solutions and many more. Having covered various projects like UX UI Designing, Design Review/Audit, Logo Branding, Web Designing, Print Design, in just three years Prismic Reflections has evolved as a dedicated design house with skilled team of more than 25 employees on the whole.

"As a digital design studio, we aim to be one of Asia's BEST and most respected Design Studio that creates engaging user experiences for Web, Mobile, Wearable, AR/VR(and anything that human interacts with) to achieve the client's business objectives. At Prismic Reflections, we believe that Design leaders can create big difference using their creativity, constant enthusiasm and ability to empathize with people. Our evolving creative culture enables everyone in the company to solve the problems and also innovate for businesses and people in the society," shares Swarup K. Bagul, Co-Founder, Prismic Reflections.

The firm believes in empowering its designers and thinkers to solve the complex business challenges through creative and innovative design thinking. In upcoming years, Prismic Reflections intends to serve new edge startups and established corporate businesses through leveraging the power of strategic design with modern and evolving technology.