Preloved Device: Gadgets of Your Dream at the Best Quality and Affordable Price

Yogesh Bhatia,CEO & Founder

Yogesh Bhatia

CEO & Founder

The modern GenZ population of India switches smartphones, laptops, and other electronic goods often as the e-retailers conduct flash sales and marketing stunts such as Flipkart's Big Billion Days and Amazon's Great Indian sales. All this leads to an excess of used goods that are either exchanged or with very little damage that pave ways for the refurbishing market. Moreover, the shift towards online operations of educational institutes and organizations due to the pandemic has forced people to buy devices for survival.

With many being in the middle class or lower-middle-class section, the preference for refurbished goods has increased. However, dissatisfaction with refurbished products has not vanished. It is crucial to buy products from a certified brand to eliminate such suspicions. Here is Preloved Device as a trusted partner to offer 100 percent genuine up-scaled electronic products across India. The company is known as an innovation in the Certified Refurbished Device category for the Indian eCommerce industry.

PreLoved Device forayed into the refurbished market in the year 2019, with the mission of creating a new experience of buying refurbished products for its customers while reducing e-waste. It belongs to the Brand Detel, and it is certified by the same. Currently offering Smartphones and Laptops,
and other gadgets, it is making the best efforts to cater to the products at an affordable price and make them available for everyone.

It also offers brand new high-quality accessories like earphones & changer with the purchased product. "We understand consumer pulse and present devices to serve the technology at an affordable price to fulfill the needs of Indian consumers. The products at the perfect price and brand new standards are what makes Preloved Device a brand loved by consumers," says Yogesh Bhatia, CEO & Founder.

An Edge in the Market
The company upholds strict quality checks before the products are delivered. The end-to-end process involves LOCK DETECTION-Check for manufacturer, Carrier & software locks; DIAGNOSTICS-Automated component, Functionality scan; BATTERY HEALTH-Battery capacity check to Receive and hold a charge; AUTHENTICITY-Replacement part & Background check; CELLULAR SERVICE-Check SIM, place test call & SMS message; ERASE & RESET-Secure data wipe and reset to factory default. The brand maintains transparency in the cost by segmenting the products with different colour codes such as Pink, Green, Brown, Yellow, and Black. Where in each one describes the status of the products like Brand new, As Good As New, Excellent, Superior, and Acceptable, respectively.

Preloved Device is always committed to providing the best of consumer experience devices at an affordable price and bridge the gap between Desirability & Affordability

Standing ahead of the curve, it furnishes the products after testing through robust 52 checkpoints laid down by the brand itself. The experience of the offered devices are comparable to that of a new device. Additionally, it focuses on standardisation of refurbished market by giving flat six months warranty and hassle-free after-sale services for the same. The ultimate goal of the brand is to ensure that every individual could grab their dream phone irrespective of any budgetary constraints.

The Journey & Growth
Gearing up the operations, the company acquired and plans to utilize its robust IT system to make processes and quality procedures even better to ensure maximum customer retention & contentment. It is on an uncompromised motive to deliver products with excellent quality and zero percent damage.