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  • 10 Most Promising Refurbishment Companies - 2020

    As a consumer market, Indians have an affinity towards buying refurbished products which are often served to the market with great savings and assurance. India's business dynamics change rapidly over time, where companies are always bringing new products steering the revenue generation from a hefty share of the consumers' pocket. But, Indian consumers are price-conscious, and when they are delivered refurbished products, from where they can incur great savings, consumers' are lured into buying products backed by warranties, and save some amount. And because of the consumers' interest in the refurbished products, this industry is witnessing accelerated growth, where products range from mobile phones, personal computers, laptops, scanners, printers, televisions and more....

10 Most Promising Refurbishment Companies - 2020

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Bmec Imaging Bmec Imaging Godfrey Earnest, Founder Assuring consumers with products like cardiac catheterisation laboratory, computed tomography machine magnetic resonance imaging and other medical services like medical gas pipeline, critical care unit, radiology, laparoscopy, and operation theater.
Cybertech Systems & Services Cybertech Systems & Services Vish Tadimety, Chairman and CEO A retailer for HP laptops and desktops, and Dell desktops and laptops.
Mediser Scan Technology Mediser Scan Technology Sabiya Khatoon, Mohammad Ahmad Khan & Satheesh Basvaraj, Directors Facilitator of products for mri, scan and dr, with services in installation of refurbished scanner, and consulting for setting up new ct, and mri.
Medpick Medpick Ranjit Makam, CEO & Co-Founder Guaranteeing products to all departments for the medical industry in hospitals with additional products for disposable, durable, medical equipments, and health innovations and COVID19 care kits.
Preloved Device Preloved Device Yogesh Bhatia, CEO & Founder Furnishes certified refurbished electronic devices with utmost quality and affordable pricing.
ReTechie Technology ReTechie Technology Shivam Shiv, Founder & CEO Delivering laptop, mini laptop, new laptop, workstation, gaming laptop, and desktop from renowned brands From topnotch brands like Lenovo, Dell, HP, Apple and others.
S.K Infoways S.K Infoways Sachin Yogesh Kukreja, CEO company offers products like laptops, accessories, tablets, laptop parts and other products.
Server Supply Server Supply Vansh Agrawal, CEO & Co-Founder Leveraging products for servers from different renowned brands and also providing spares, workstations, with rental services.
SN Solutions SN Solutions Sahil Sharma, Co-Founder An efficient and on-time provider of medical products like radiology products, and surgical instruments.
WorthIT WorthIT Manjunath H V, CEO Provides products like laptops, desktops, servers, IT peripherals, IT accessories, mobile phones, tablets and many more.