PRACHARNAMA: Deploying Real Time Bidding Platform & Helping Brands Fabricate Economical Marketing Strategies

Bhupesh Singh & CEO,Saurabh Dhall & COO

Bhupesh Singh & CEO

Saurabh Dhall & COO

Coke, Cadbury Gems, Rexona, KFC, Ford, Oppo, MotoG4, Federal Bank, Breeze, Renault, Limca, HP & Mountain Dew's agencies approached PRACHARNAMA to fabricate marketing campaigns targeting smart phone users in metro cities in India as well as in SEA. The Faridabad based advertising company curated the CPC campaign on mobile devices by designing banners with the help of Apps PRACHAR network. This helped the brands to gain a national recognition over Android and iOS platforms in just few days.

Over a period of time, PRACHARNAMA has helped 250 brands gain visibility. A leading ad serving company, its in-house developed Real Time Bidding Platform (DSP) has over 200,000 websites and apps network across Android, Windows, iOS, tab and many more, and assists its clients with email, SMS and app marketing. Through this, the advertiser can run campaigns from a single platform and can target worldwide inventory.

Creating Feasible Marketing Strategies

Established in 2011, PRACHARNAMA has been amplifying clients’ visibility through apps PRACHAR, email
PRACHAR mobi PRACHAR and voice PRACHAR. Its app marketing services helps clients reach around two lakh apps network in South East Asia while the email marketing segment touches ten million consumers, using the in-house database of five years that invariably expands the audience base. Leading the mobile marketing segment, PRACHARNAMA’s mobile PRACHAR (transactional SMS, bulk SMS) is deployed by consumers like enterprises, banks and media companies not only for marketing purposes but for communication between the staff and end consumers as well.

The unique one stop solution undergoes a constant research and development procedure that helps clients gain a transparent insight on their strategies and mano euvre the campaigns

The in-house development team caters to commitment based advertising by fabricating a client centric platform, helping brands reach their niche audience with less effort. However, these expansive services do not go un tracked. The analytics team generates five industry specific mailers and sends each of them to the company’s expansive database. Bhupesh Singh explains, “We try to gauge the customer’s preference through these varied mailers and accordingly, segment the data that helps advertisers target niche audience for better results”. Additionally the company’s voice marketing is segmented into virtual receptionist Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
systems, OBD/voice call and missed call solution that help clients offer their end consumers with 24/7 services.

The amalgamation of these services serves as a single console for advertisers enabling them to manage their media activities effectively. The unique one stop solution under goes a constant research and development procedure that helps clients gain a transparent insight on their strategies and mano euvre the campaigns where they can select the demographics, websites, locations and even operating systems. Clients have the liberty to pause, play and monitor along with live billing, making this plat form an economical and user friendly, thus helping them counter the shortcomings of false reporting, lack of ROI and dependency on the publishers. “PRACHARMA specialises in commitment based advertising that helps achieve a greater conversion rate and increase in budget,” states Saurabh Dhall, COO, PRACHARNAMA.

Adhering to its very motive of quality, PRACHARNAMA has been bestowed with trust by associates that cemented its position as one of the top 10 digital companies in India. It ensures that the employees are abreast with the latest industrial trends and offers weekly trainings and monthly group meetings that help them hone their skills and offer better outputs. Its impressive clientele comprises of Hero, Lava, HS18, ICICI, HDFC and Uttar Pradesh based Sarv Sambhav Party amongst others. The organization is ready with its new innovative video portal that will prove instrumental in further defining the niche audience.“We aim to establish ourselves as India’s most trusted digital media agency,” concludes Bhupesh Singh.