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Ayyamma Prakash Gudnavar,   Founder & CEO

Ayyamma Prakash Gudnavar
Founder & CEO

The semiconductor industry is driving the growth of technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT). The IoT revolution has not only multiplied the demand for semiconductor chips but also shifted the value capture to software and solutions. Outsourcing design services is a trend that is helping such organizations to keep pace with the growing demands and meet the supply gap resolutions. Based out of Bengaluru, Pozibility technologies is a design services company focused to enable global customers with innovative IC Design, Embedded software, Software Testing and System Design Solutions. With founders having more than 20 years of Experience in ASIC Design Services and Embedded Software development, Pozibility has demonstrated excellent Project management and quality services at competitive cost.

Empowering customers to convert product ideas to reality, delivering the best-in-class semiconductor solutions through a motivated
teams of skilled Engineers, who have the expertise in ASIC/SOC architecture design, RTL Coding and Verification, FPGA Design & Prototyping, Synthesis & STA, Formal Verification, DFT, PD, Analog Mixed Signal Design & Layout. The core team has expertise from Pre-silicon development to boot loader to device drivers to hardware abstraction layers. The expert team at offshore shares the project risks and helps clients meet their design schedules. Pozibility’s business model allows clients in providing efficient, expert and economical solutions. Pozibility is delivering the best-in-class system design solutions through a motivated team of skilled system design Engineers, having the expertise in architecture design, schematics capture & board layout, prototyping, bring-up testing & validation.

"Pozibility’s business model allows clients in providing efficient, expert and economical solutions"

With the increase of devices and cross platform compatibility issues, ensuring quality is a major concern. In this context everything comes down to the qualification phase, which determines the entire QA process. IoT-connected products would require chips with an ultra-small form factor, low power consumption and wireless connectivity options. Pozibility low power expert team works towards best functionality with low power consumption. More so, as chip size shrinks, density tends to increase to millions of gates on a single chip, and power dissipation occurring in the chip due to
leakage will become very significant. In order to reduce the loss of power, several leakage power minimization techniques have been developed. Pozibilty carries out few tests which include reliability testing, fixing manufacturing issue ahead of time, encrypted data transferability, measuring performance while in operation, and interoperability etc.

Pozibility is uniquely positioned to mitigate the market challenges in solving the supply issue of the industry. “Our business model leverages our customer to count on us as we take part in the risk taken by the customer. Our cost effectiveness adds value to our customer in reducing OPEX & CAPEX”, adds Ayyamma Prakash Gudnavar, Founder & CEO, Pozibility.

With their technically strong, experienced and highly seasoned engineers, Pozibility has and will continue to focus on their priorities - Low Margins, High Quality resources, & Volume based services and provide end to end services to OEM.

VLSI Design Services
•End to End design services for OEM’s
•Physical Design Services
•ASIC Design Verification Services
•Synthesis & Static Timing Analysis

Embedded Software Services
•Device Driver Development
•WLAN Tester