Pinnacle Teleservices: Demystifying the Communication via CPaaS

 Rajesh Banerjee,  Director & CEO

Rajesh Banerjee

Director & CEO

With the advent of advanced technology, the marketing world is witnessing a dramatic change. There are several marketing platforms, such as social media and email, which will allow businesses to promote their products. But, when it comes to “in the moment communication platforms” between companies and their clients, there are not many reliable platforms. CPaaS fills this gap. As the demand for cloud-based tools continues to rise, CPaaS has emerged as the perfect solution for marketers to engage with their customers on a more personal level.

Established in 2003, Pinnacle Teleservices has been a flag bearer for Enterprise Communications in India. Headquartered in Nagpur, the company today has built a strong footprint in the domestic market with strategic offices across the country. Pinnacle offers a wide range of value-added services chiefly in messaging, voice, emails, SMSC, Chatbots, cellular events, OTT and Data analytics, and WhatsApp Business API. With a state-of-the-art SMS centre built upon SS7, Pinnacle has a definite advantage over its peers when it comes to enterprise messaging. “By using the latest technology, we aim to provide high-quality and efficient customer service, and help our clients improve their customer satisfaction and increase their business efficiency”, states Muktesh Narula, Director and Chief Marketing Officer, Pinnacle Teleservices.

The CPaaS market is becoming extremely competitive on a global scale. Many companies today provide a selection of cloud based communication services, such as messaging, audio video and collaboration capabilities. To counter that, Pinnacle Teleservices designed 1SPOC, an all-in one platform for conversational and process automation with the intention to handle billions of conversations with ease. 1SPOC is
the newest omnichannel platform. Earlier, it had huge success with a channel focused platform such as PinBot. Over 600 enterprises from across the spectrum use the platform to reach out to over 80+ million audiences. With an easy-to-use Drag & Drop Flow builder, anyone can create custom flows and dialogues for the chatbot, making it easy to interact with customers on popular channels like WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Tubulu, and more.

By using the latest technology, Pinnacle Teleservices aims to provide highquality & efficient customer service & help its clients improve their customer satisfaction & increase their business efficiency

1SPOC offers a wide range of features. At present, it offers AI/MLdriven and NLP-based conversations over 10 popular channels the list of which is increasing by the day. 1SPOC is a true no-code low-code platform even for the most complex workflows, conversation automation, e-Commerce, and much more. It supports users to build cognitive conversations to drive hyper-personalized bot experience.

Muktesh Narula, Director & CMO
To elaborate more on the product and how it benefited customers, Rajesh Banerjee, CEO & Director cites a client success story where they helped a state government in India. Previously, all the desired information, such as birth/death certificates, electricity bills, farming information, and government schemes, was accessed through traditional mediums such as requesting it via websites, visiting these departments personally, and unfortunately involving middlemen/agents. It took a lot of time, human effort, and capital. Pinnacle Teleservices resolve the prevailing issues of the government agency and help the massive citizen base. The company successfully deployed a conversational multilingual bot in record time, and it is currently delivering the desired outcomes. So far, 70 million residents of the state can access desired information quickly and easily.

With such success stories, Pinnacle is all set for a bright future. Pinnacle recently celebrated its 20th anniversary and launched Pinnacle 2.0 focusing on global expansion. The company is highly excited to expand its global footprints, which will ideally mark Pinnacle’s global journey. Pinnacle Teleservices is on a mission to put its make-in-India platforms on the world in the next two decades.