PICHKAARI: Amalgamating Interactive Designs with Quality Content for Market Success

Vikas Jaiswal, Sebastian Jacob & Priyanka,Co-FoundersIn today’s connected era, information sharing and content generation has become super easy and superfast. We are in the meme and gif generation, where people are at complete freedom to use image, picture, word, color and every form of expression there is.

However, it still doesn’t plug the ‘gaps’ in communication. Communication requires the care and conviction to happen the way it is desired. While used interchangeably, the fundamental difference between information and communication is that of speaking and being heard. How can one make sure what we want to say is being heard by those we want to hear us. Technology can and has given us the tools to express, expedite and deliver. However, communication still needs human intervention thoughts - to assume the form it is posited for.

Established in 2013, Pichkaari is recognized as a Communication Design Boutique which marks the most important differentiator for the firm with -‘We don’t just design, we make communication happen’.
Progressing on its digitization journey, the company was quick enough to realize the growing importance of conceptual design, empathy driven UI/UX and outcome-based approach. Addressing the gradually shifting requirement of its customers from designing documents to designing experiences, Pichkaari is offering a range of methods and mediums such as Branding and Merchandising, Corporate Communication, Marketing Communication, UX/UI Design and Development, Web Design and Development and so on.

Each project carried out by Pichkaari is tailor-made for intent & purpose, and the firm maintains constant attention to details & the senstivity with which it treats each aspect of the project, be it visual style, color, typography, imagery or even the medium of the message

At Pichkaari, we do not design for beautification, but we design to solve a problem and/or instigate change,” shares Vikas Jaiswal, Co-Founder, Pichkaari.

As an employee centric firm, Pichkaari takes immense pride in not being a conventional 9 to 5 workplace; instead the firm believes that creativity has no switch.
Each time the team comes together to brainstorm about a new project, the team always looks for the ‘Why’ instead of ‘How’.

Every step there after is a development towards the bigger picture that has already been conceived by every member in the team. This coupled with the firm’s philosophies of Empathy, Optimism, Joy and Quirks make it easy for Pichkaari to understand its customers closely and create meaningful elements of communication for them. “We are all about team-work. We strive to always have each other’s back, and help is available in abundance from anyone you turn to. Our collective objective is to grow and help each other become better thinkers, creators and designers,” says Vikas.

Today, while Pichkaari is emphasizing on forging stronger relationships with its current customers, in the years to come the company is also looking forward to working towards polishing its strengths and developing inspiring designs. In 2018, the firm aspires to partner with more organizations looking for transforming their communication styles. “We will continue with our track with startups and mid-segment businesses. They are the most exciting and challenging when it comes to communication design that keeps our skills sharpened. We are also heavily focused on taking our UI/UX capability to the next level, given the immense market opportunity in the design space,” signs off Vikas.