OSoft Labs: Driving Cost-Effective and Agile Cloud Transformation Strategies

Srikanth Gudipudi,CEOCloud computing has been witnessing increased market traction within major geographies including India. Many small, medium and large enterprises are moving away from on-premise models and adopting cloud-based solutions, which in turn presents immense opportunities for cloud solution providing companies and architects, to assist organizations in cloud migration. However, despite the growth of the market, many industry verticals still have apprehensions with respect to the understanding of cloud and security of customer data. With a vision to resolve these challenges, Hyderabad headquartered OSoft Labs leverages the multiple opportunities associated with Cloud to provide Cloud Transformation services to enterprises to help them achieve increased business agility.

Since its inception in 2012, the company has been focused on providing cloud transformational services that include application consulting, micro services architecture, application modernization, web development, E-commerce, database monitoring, analytics and support services. OSoft Labs has also developed
expertise in creating innovative solutions for the deployment of new applications and the migration of legacy applications to the Cloud. Since organizations prefer value-based costing and easily deployable solutions, OSoft Labs works closely with its customers to bring them value-addition as well as train their team to manage the applications post the migration process. “The key to being successful in a Cloud migration strategy is to have your own migration models, implement best practices and readily available Cloud Formation scripts which can be customized quickly to setup the environment,” explains Srikanth Gudipudi, CEO, OSoft Labs.

OSoft Labs has developed expertise in creating innovative solutions for the deployment of new applications and the migration of legacy applications to the Cloud

Enabling E-commerce for SMBs

OSoft Labs has launched a Cloud-based E-commerce platform- CloudS hoppy to facilitate small and medium size businesses in selling products on their own branded website. This platform is pre-integrated with all the features of E-commerce platforms including payment gateways, logistics, SMS notifications, billing and invoicing, and product and order management.
To help clients attain an innovative and scalable architecture in accordance with their changing business needs, OSoft Labs uses a DevOps approach to automate and improve internal team collaboration. Through this approach, the company develops rapid prototypes that involve the latest technologies, on Cloud environments. With continuous integration and development, OSoft Labs ensures accurate, agile and quality deliver ables.

Furthermore, the company has also been engaged in the development of Cloud based Enterprise Mobile Apps and Web Development Services to support business processes and improve the customer experience for their clients. With mobile apps being sought after by enterprises for implementation of key business functions and faster decision making, OSoft Labs utilizes native code and cross-platform development software to build mobile applications with the optimum user experience.

Besides the global market,opportunities are also emerging within the Indian market for novel technology implementations including the building of new applications or migration of legacy applications to the Cloud.OSoft Labs hopes to leverage these opportunities to assist organizations across the country in their Cloud Migration Strategy. The company is also in the process of building a strong team to expand their market reach in the areas of cloud transformation, microservices architecture and application modernization in the upcoming future.