Onepipe Telecom: Dedicated to Providing Internet Quality, Reliability and Stability at all Times

Shankar Raj,CFOThe internet has become the fuel for the world, assisting it to ascend innovative attainments with each passing day. This surging demand for data has lead to the boom of many broadband subscribers. Estimated to catch an intense speed of escalation in the upcoming days, the advancement of netizens has established a never-ending demand for high-speed internet services. Swelling up at a rate of 4-5 percent per year, these internet subscribers are creating an urge for quality broadband internet connectivity, leading to the amplification of internet service providers in the market. Founded in the year 2016 by Shankar and Ravi Chandran, Onepipe Telecom Pvt Ltd is a burly establishment in the communication industry with a vision to refurbish the ISP sector.

Addressing the challenges and perspectives resulting from industry convergence and technology innovation, Onepipe Telecom is on a continuous path to adopt new technologies to realize next-generation communication opportunities. Within a short time span, by presenting significant operational efficiency the company possesses more than 7000 subscribers whilst actively operating in Chennai and Tamil Nadu circle. With an intention to develop and deploy next-generation M2M solutions and value-added services, Onepipe
Telecom has managed to acquire a wide range of customers including SME, MSME, school and colleges, call centers, IT companies, retails, e-commerce, restaurants, and apartments.

Tied up with many tier 1 company such as Airtel, Vodafone, British Telecom, Tata communication, this leading internet service provider has expertise in current Internet Services, Network technologies, and IT transformation. Endowing a diversifying range of services that extends from MPLS, VoIP services, VPN services, broadband services, internet leased line, telephonic services and many more, One-pipe Telecom stands out among the con-tenders of this sector. Highlighting the key features of the company, Shankar Raja, Operations Manager says, "Earlier, the corporate was using 100 to 200 Mbps per day. But nowadays they are expecting 1 gig for uploading and downloading. We are promptly satisfying them by giving our best services to each corporate. Covering the entire Chennai and Tamil Nadu region with 3G and 4G towers, we are capable to focus on delivering high-speed internet solutions of 1mbps to 100 Mbps any-where across Chennai and Tamil Nadu."

Liberating the customers from dependency on third-party exchanges, Onepipe Telecom offers secure connections to any number of sites based on a simple pricing structure

Not only wireless internet connections but with 5000 km of fiber connections across the state, Onepipe Telecom provides wired Internet connectivity through dark fibers both underground and overhead. Bestowing unlimited data usage, stability, cost-effective bandwidth, high band-width speed, the ISO certified company is demonstrating its merit from individual users to large technology firms.

Taking an immense concern towards the convenience of customers Onepipe Telecom is always eager to address any kind of customer-related problems. Providing a robust solution with 24*7 customer support, it guarantees 4 hours fixing time with 5-10 days of the delivery period. Liberating the customers from dependency on third-party exchanges, Onepipe Telecom offers secure connections to any number of sites based on a simple pricing structure. Identified as a foremost player of the ISP sector, Onepipe Telecom will work on the technological advancements to provide more feasible network connections continuing on the radiant path of achievements.