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  • 10 Most Promising VoIP solution Providers - 2019

    As internet is piercing deeper into our lives, we are getting more engaged and accustomed to the benefits bestowed by it. Gaining quite a momentum, the internet is slowly navigating its course to conquer different segments by enhancing the service standards imparted by it. Starting from education, entertainment, communication to online transactions and many more, the internet is also intervening in the telecom sector. Over the past few decades telecom industry has transformed noticeably and still undergoing many revolutionizing technical advancements to emerge out as a more progressive sector. Moving over the traditional PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network), telecom sectors are opting for VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services with robust data services and faster broadband...

10 Most Promising VoIP solution Providers - 2019

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Ecosmob Technologies Ecosmob Technologies Ruchir Brahmbhatt, Director Renowned for offering innovative solutions in an ecosystem where expert brains, cutting-edge technologies, and transparent processes thrive in symbiotic relationship to provide best in class solutions.
Eurus Network Services Eurus Network Services Deepak Gupta, Founder A licensed ISP and ITSP in India, authorized to provide international VoIP services, Eurus Network Services provides high quality and customized end-to-end voice solutions and services to a wide range of customers.
GUJ Technologic GUJ Technologic Ajaz Ahmed, CEO By combining experience in various industries with expertise, GUJ TechnoLogic has delivered VoIP solutions services to small, medium, and MNC Companies across the globe.
IP Momentum IP Momentum Muthu Vasan, Senior Manager - Operations With over 200 corporate and retail clients across India and overseas market, IP Momentum has been a key player in transforming the manner of communication globally.
Neox VoIP Solutions Neox VoIP Solutions Sanjay Parikh, Vice President Having strong global market presence and expertise in IP technology, Neox Sterlite Tech Product is poised to make it big in the IP communication segment.
Novanet Novanet Shailesh Tyagi, Founder Novanet has spent 15 years perfecting VoIP technology and building industry's most reliable telephony network.
Onepipe Telecom Onepipe Telecom Shankar Raj, CFO One pipe Telecom is one of the leading VoIP Service Provider specialising in ISP, ITSP Internet Telephony Solutions for businesses, VoIP reseller programs, and VoIP carrier services across varied areas of expertise.
Phonology IT Solutions Phonology IT Solutions Nitish Jain, CEO Phonology is a leading provider of Internet Telephony and VoIP services in the country and is also the only licensed provider in Bangalore by the Department of Telecom, India.
Pulse Telesystems Pulse Telesystems Hiroshan Gopalapillai, Director Ever since its inception, the statistical graph of Pulse Telesystems has shown a significant growth in developing customer base and carrier-interconnections with end to end VoIP business solutions.
VoIP Office Telecommunications VoIP Office Telecommunications Sunny Reddy, President Established in 2007, the company has grown at a fast pace by embracing new age technologies to transform the communication system for enhancing business outcomes.