OneHop Networks: Providing Cost - Effective Cloud Managed WLAN Solutions

 Venkateswara Rao Thummala,Founder & Cheif Architech

Venkateswara Rao Thummala

Founder & Cheif Architech

The recent growth in digital technology and the rapidly growing Internet of Things (IoT) has made businesses move full steam ahead toward bigger, faster wireless local area networks. Applications from personal electronics to industrial machines and sensors are now in dire need of getting wirelessly connected to the internet. This need of a faster and secure local area network has leveraged the WLAN industry create an uptake of technology through its speed and security features across all the industry segments globally. The abstract Indian wireless technology market is also not far behind with companies like CISCO, ARUBA and many more heavyweights providing their WLAN services in the country. However, their services come at a very high price because of their duly built proprietary hardware which small companies cannot afford. This is where Bangalore based OneHop Networks comes to the rescue with its cost effective cloud managed WLAN solutions.

Wireless LAN Solutions
Founded in 2015 by Venkateswara Rao Thummala (Founder & Chief Architect), OneHop Networks is a wireless technology Services
Company providing cost effective cloud managed wireless LAN solutions without compromising on the features. Our software defined WLAN solution consists of Highly Scalable Cloud Controller, Cloud Managed Access Points and Gateways running on open hardware; we do not have vendor lock or proprietary hardware. We provide a list of supported open Access Points people can pick from and get the software. Our solution is loaded with rich set of Hotspots and Enterprise features and can easily be extended to any use case using the north boud API says Venketeswara.

Using our WLAN Solution, one can quickly deploy enterprise-class wireless networks at a fraction of time and cost of the traditional networks

Using our WLAN Solution, one can quickly deploy enterprise class wireless networks at a fraction of time and cost of the traditional networks. One can quickly build, manage and monitor wireless networks from any where using our powerful Cloud Management Platform. Some of the salient features include Flexible User Authentication Methods including N-factor authentication, Flexible User Account Management, Bandwidth Management, Group Based and Location Based Access Control, Network Health Monitoring, Cloud Managed Secured /Encrypted Hotspot, Customizable Splash Pages, White Listing and Black Listing based on IP or domain names, URL
Filtering, Traffic Analysis, Real-time Statistics and Usage Reports, Targeted Ad Pushing and many more.

When it comes to Wireless Networks, security is utmost important. We implement all the standard Wireless security features and we make sure that all the critical message exchanges are always encrypted, says Venkateswara.

By supporting wide range of off the shelf open hardware Access Points, our WLAN solution helps in building ultra-low cost Cloud Managed Wireless Networks, which can fit event the tightest budget says Venkateswara.

Focusing on the Public Sector
With the Indian wireless technology market divided into two parts, one being the enterprise class and the other being the public class, OneHop currently tries to focus mainly on the later. The company is tapping into the opportunities created in the public sector post the introduction of various government projects like Digital India, Smart Cities and many more, where there is a huge need of proper cloud managed wireless LAN infrastructure throughout the country.

OneHop Networks currently working closely with some of the reputed ISPs, Solution Integrators and Distributors pan India and also looking to get into integrated platforms to manage not only WLAN but also wireless sensor networks like pollutions sensors, light sensors and many more required for the smart cities. The company is also working towards venture into the enterprise class sector through its cost effective feature rich solutions.