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  • 20 Most Promising Wireless Technology Solution Providers - 2017

    Digital technology has witnessed a solid evolution in recent times where IoT (Internet of Things), Cloud & Big Data have collectively altered the business models. As a result, business organizations have adopted the norm of working wirelessly by unclogging the value of mobility. Today, as the mobile opportunity is vibrant as ever, the wireless LAN industry is expected to grow up to 91 percent by 2018 and reach revenue of $6.5 billion. This scenario has opened the door for various wireless technology solution providers, who are prompt in aiding agile & secure wireless network to the business organizations and enabling them to utilize full bandwidth, security & cloud capabilities.   Today, the matchless service providers are attaining competitive edge by...

20 Most Promising Wireless Technology Solution Providers - 2017

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Adacell Technologies Adacell Technologies Rahul Shadev, CEO & MD A telecom company offering services to telecom OEMs and operators through its expertise in cellular network planning, optimization, operation & maintenance and project management on GSM, GPRS/EDGE and many more.
Alcon Wireless Alcon Wireless Pratap Baral, Director An experienced manufacturer and one of the leading innovator of wireless outdoor broadband equipment and WLAN platform
Bartech Data Systems Bartech Data Systems Shrimant Tathe, Director Business partner of Motorola and CISCO, serving highly secure and reliable wireless connections for both indoor and outdoor environments
Convergent Communications Convergent Communications Venkat Kedlaya, Managing Director A full-fledged wireless networking company specializing in developing Wireless Local Area Networks (LAN) and Wireless Metropolitan Area Networks (MAN) related products & services
Eastern Star Solutions Eastern Star Solutions Debasis Mullick, Director & CEO One-stop-shop of IT Solution for Hardware, Networking, Software needs and maintaining LAN, WAN infrastructure
Extreme Networks Extreme Networks Ed Meyercord, President & CEO A ExtremeWireless company delivers wired like performance, at scale for high density in every environment
Frans Global Infotech Frans Global Infotech Nazish Khan, Managing Director A system integrator for wired and wireless solutions providing services including IP surveillance & analytics, data center solutions, storage & tape library data archival solutions, networking security solutions, firewall, LAN & WAN networks, and many more.
Microhard Technologies Microhard Technologies Bhavesh Rathore, Director Company is specialized in the design and manufacturing of long range robust wireless data equipment
Microtel Netlinks Microtel Netlinks Poonawala, Director Provides high speed connectivity between multiple locations within a city or it surrounding at low cost, without the hassle of wires and cables and not depending on any service provider
Nacon Wireless Solutions Nacon Wireless Solutions Raman Jairath, Director Company being at the forefront of cutting edge wireless products and services, offering the best in class technologies coupled with a deep understanding of needs and requirement of customers
Network Intelligence Network Intelligence Kanwal K. Mookhey, CEO Offers comprehensive WLAN Auditing and Consultancy services to help assess the security posture of WLAN and to configure it to the maximum security level possible
OneHop Networks OneHop Networks Venkateswara Rao Thummala, Founder & Cheif Architech A wireless technology company providing Cost-Effective Cloud Managed Wireless LAN solutions using Open Hardware.
O Zone Networks O Zone Networks Sanjeev 'Bobby' Sarin,, Owner & CEO Company offers high speed, secure wireless connections all over the country, catering to operators, site owners, partners, and consumers
Parallel Wireless Parallel Wireless Steve Papa, Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO Enables cost effective 3G, 4G, & Wi-Fi hardware to be much more capable
Sigtech Wireless Technologies Sigtech Wireless Technologies Padmakumar P, Managing Director Comes out with a wireless solution which it claims can help authorities deal with a variety of offshore emergencies
Strix Systems Strix Systems Pranav Shah, CEO A company with wide range of wireless hardware and software, providing services throughout the sector
Techtrix Solutions Techtrix Solutions Prashant Sathe, Director Going beyond traditional boundaries by integrating strategy, design and technology to build unique, robust user centric wireless solutions in different operational areas
Verizon Verizon Kalyani Sekar, CEO One of the leading wireless carrier in the world, providing 4G services and leading to 5G